Some Alabama NFL Draft Decision Notes

Now that Alabama’s season is over, the Crimson Tide’s draft-eligible players will soon announce whether they are turning pro – or in some situations – returning to the tide for another season.

Sources have given notes on some of those draft-eligible people based on information shared with

– It is expected that four underclassmen will eventually choose to leave for the NFL: cornerback Patrick Sartain, quarterback Mack Jones, wide receiver Jaylen Waddle and defensive lineman Christian Bermore. It is possible that all four may be first round draft picks.

– Redshirt Jr. outside linebacker Christopher Allen, a second-team All-SEC selection who led the conference with 13 losses, is expected to return to school instead of pro. NFL scouts had seen Day 2 as a potential NFL draft pick.

– Recognition is that junior cornerback Josh Jobbe, another potential Day 2 pick, is likely to remain in Alabama rather than leave for the NFL.

– Brian Robinson, who ran for 483 yards as a backup to Najee Harris running back this season, is expected to be among the Crimson Tide seniors for another season as opposed to moving to the NFL Let’s return to school.

Matt Zenitz is a senior SEC football reporter for the Alabama Media Group. Follow her on twitter @mzenitz.

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