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Three missions to Mars this summer – from NASA, China and the United Arab Emirates – will join dozens Active And Inactive Spacecraft beyond Earth’s orbit.

The spacecraft orbits the sun

Solar orbiter Launched in February to study the sun and its poles.

Parker Solar Probe Shortens the edge of our star.

STEREO A And STEREO B Track a solar storm.

Tesla roadster Lazy revolves around the sun.

Spitzer Saw newborn planets and retired this year.

Kepler Tall planets until their closure in 2018.

Ulysses The poles of the Sun were first studied.


Bepicolombo Looping to arrive in 2025.

Messenger In 2015 the planet was mapped and crashed.

Mariner 10 Mercury was first reached in 1974.


Akatsuki Slowly study Venus, and began with IKAROS Solar sail.

Venus express Venus examined the atmosphere.

Magellan The planet mapped and sank through its clouds.

Vega 1 And Vega 2 Halley dropped the landers before going to the comet.

Pioneer Venus 1 Investigations took place in 1978.

Mariner 10 Flew in 1974.

Venera a The first was to descend slowly. More Venera spacecraft followed in the 70s and early 80s.

L1 Lagrangian Point

A balance point between the Sun and the Earth.

DSCOVR The Sun looks back at the Earth.

Ace Study of particles in the Sun and beyond.

SOHO Space watches the weather and finds new comets.

air Study of solar wind.

Lisa Pathfinder Put two weights in freefall, a test for sensing gravitational waves.

Origin Solar caught particles of air and brought them back to Earth.

ISEE-3 In 1978, L1 was the first to circumambulate the point. The spacecraft was revived in 2014 by techno-archaeologists.


International Space Station There are more than 2,600 small satellites in Earth’s orbit.

Hubble The bus turned 30 years old.

Chandra The stars see the X-ray burst.

TESS Hunts for planets and orbits in resonance with the Moon.

Headed to mars

Firmness This week a dry lake may begin to roam and release Simplicity Helicopter.

Tianwen -1 Started class, land and orbit on 23 July.

hope Entered Mars orbit on 19 July.

Rosalind Franklin The rover was postponed until 2022.

The moon

Chandrayaan-2 Lunar studies the surface. its Vikram The lander crashed near the Moon’s South Pole in 2019.

Chang’e -4 The first was to descend slowly to the far side of the moon, and released Yutu -2 Rover. It communicates through the earth Queqiao Relay satellite.

Chang’e 5-T1 Passed the moon and sent a test capsule back to Earth.

Chang’e -3 Landed with Yutu Rover.

Lunar reconnaissance orbiter Saw surface map and Apollo landers.

The twins Artemis The spacecraft studies the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Beresheet Crashed while landing in 2019.

LADEE Studied moon dust and crashed far.

Decadence And Flow Mapped lunar gravity.

Chang’e -1 Made the moon look. Chang’e -2 Circled and then departed for the L2 Lagrangee point.

LCROSS Dove into the plague by an accident Santo Rocket.

Chandrayaan-1 Got water

Smart-1 Tested ion propulsion.

Lunar prospector Discovered polar ice.

Clementine Test equipment and cameras.

Hiten In 1993, the dust fell and crashed. Selene To study the development of the moon.

Luna 24 It was the last of many successful Luna missions. It returned a sample of the Earth in 1976.

Explorer 49 The last US mission to live on the moon for two decades was Clementine In 1994.

L2 Lagrarian Point

An equilibrium point behind the Earth.

Spektr-RG X-rays survey the sky.

Gaia Maps of one billion stars.

Herchel Relying on stars in infrared.

Planck And WMAP Cosmic Microwave Background Checked.


Insight Landed in 2018 and listens for Marscakes.

ExoMars Trace gas orbiter Sniffing and wasting released for methane Shiaparelli Lander.

MAVEN Studies the history of Mars.

Mars orbiter mission, also called mother or Mangalyaan, Is India’s first mission on another planet.

Curiosity Rots Gayle Crater, an ancient Martian lake.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Study and photographs of the Martian surface.

Mangal Express Silence issued Beagle 2 Lander, which was located only in 2015.

Mars Odyssey Water and ice maps on Mars.

Marvel The Martian landed in the Arctic.

chance Rover died in 2019.

The soul The rover got stuck in the sand after wandering around Mars for six years.

Mars Pathfinder Landed and released Sojourner, The first rover on another planet.

Mars Global Surveyor Planet mapped.

Viking 1 And Viking 2 Landers dropped in 1976.

Mariner 9 The first craft to revolve around another planet was.

Mariner 4 Previously Mars was nearby.


Osiris-Rex The asteroid Bennu will tap in October.

Hayabusa2 The asteroid shot a hole in Ryugu, touched its surface and caught a specimen.

Chang’e -2 The asteroid 4179 orbited the moon and L2 before passing to Toutatis.

Dawn Visited the asteroid Vesta and then mapped the dwarf planet Ceres.

Hayabusa In 2010 the asteroid sent dust to Earth from Itokawa Saraswati The lander failed to reach the surface.

NEAR shoemaker Flew by an asteroid before orbiting and eros.


Rosetta Passed asteroids, chased comet 67P / CG and leapt and lost Philae Lander on its surface.

deep Impact In 2005 Comet Template 1 slammed an influencer. Name changed EPOXIThe spacecraft traveled to Comet Hartley 2.

Stardust A previous asteroid flew in, returning a sample of Comet Wild 2 and taking a second look at Temple 1.

Deep space 1 Asteroid Braille Pass in 1999 and Borelli Comet in 2001.

Giotto, Suisei, Sakigake, Vega 1 And Vega 2 Changed on Halley’s Comet in 1986.

ISEE-3 Name was changed International Comic Explorer And visited a comet for the first time in 1985. It passed through the Earth again in 2014.


Juno Jupiter constantly wanders in the sun to study.

Galileo First circled and crashed in 2003.

Ulysses, Cassini And new Horizons On its way to other places passed Jupiter.

Pioneer 10 First reached Jupiter in 1973, after that Pioneer 11 In 1974 and Seafarer 1 And Sailer 2 In 1979.

Saturn planet

Cassini Took astonishing pictures of Saturn and its moons, dropped Huygens The lander on Titan and eventually dove and disappeared inside the ring.

Pioneer 11 Passed by Saturn for the first time in 1979 Seafarer 1 In 1980 and Sailer 2 In 1981.


Sailer 2 Flew past in 1986.


Sailer 2 Neptune and its moon passed to Triton in 1989.


new Horizons In 2015 a dwarf glimpsed the frozen heart of the planet during a fly.

Kuiper Belt

new Horizons In 2019 Ultima Thule – now renamed Arockoth – will eventually abandon the solar system.

Interstellar space

Seafarer 1 Left our solar system in 2012.

Sailer 2 After this in 2018.

Pioneer 10 And Pioneer 11 Almost there, but no longer in contact with the Earth.

Note: This graphic currently contains spacecraft beyond Earth’s orbit, as well as many crashed or dormant spacecraft from recent decades. It eschews Apollo missions, most spacecraft launched before Pioneer 10 in 1972, several Soviet lunar and Venus missions, and some recent microsatellites. Illustration not scale.

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