‘Soho Karen’ Mia Poncetto arrested for alleged NYC attack

According to sources, Soho Karen “Mia Poncetto, who allegedly assaulted the 14-year-old son of jazz trumpeter Kayon Harold at a Manhattan hotel, was arrested on Thursday.”

Law enforcement sources told The Post that the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and NYPD arrested 22-year-old Poncetto in Ventura and are being charged with attempted robbery.

Sources said Poncetto is scheduled to face a judge before being extradited to New York on Friday.

The NYPD had issued a warrant for his arrest and had recently traveled to California to interrogate him about the attack.

Poncetto made national headlines when he was caught on video accusing Kieron Harold Jr. of stealing his iPhone at an Aaron hotel. The video posted on Instagram by the teenager’s father shows Poncetto allegedly attacking Keane and trying to snatch his phone.

The Post last week found Poncetto outside a McDonald’s in Piru, California, where he clarified that he is a Puerto Rican.

The Post’s photographer asks Poncito if he has any regrets about the incident, she replies on camera, “I’m good, thanks. Have a very good day. Take care of yourself.”


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