SoftBank is reportedly preparing to sell ARM to Nvidia for over $ 40 billion

Softbank is reportedly preparing to sell chipmaker ARM to Nvidia in a deal worth more than $ 40 billion early next week. Wall Street Journal Reported.

Rumors of the deal began in July, and Nvidia has been described as the only suicidal in solid discussion with SoftBank. If the deal goes ahead, it will be the largest and deepest regulatory scrutiny ever faced in the chip sector. According to WSJThe companies have been in “exclusive” talks for weeks.

SoftBank bought ARM in 2016 for $ 31 billion. British company’s chips power mobile device processors for companies including Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm. ARM has only increased in value since the Softbank acquisition, Microsoft created an ARM-based Surface and a version of Windows for ARM, and Apple plans to switch future Macs to ARM-based chipsets.

Nvidia is a leading manufacturer of GPUs, also designed by ARM, but apart from its Tegra line of mobile chipsets used in devices such as the Nintendo Switch, Nvidia doesn’t do much in the way of CPU design or mobile hardware. An ARM acquisition is likely to change.