SocketMobile Shares Soar to High Volume After Introducing DuraSled Scanner for iPhone 12s

Socket Mobile Inc. SCKT shares,
+ 230.86%
skyrocketed 205% with very high volume to a 13+ year high in pre-market operations on Tuesday, to set the pace for all pre-market winners, after the mobile data capture company will present its new offering DuraSled, which is an enterprise grade barcode scanner for Apple Inc. is AAPL,
iPhone 12s. Trading volume increased to 14.9 million shares, compared to a full day average over the past 30 days of around 256,000 shares. The company said employers can now support workers using the iPhone 12 series of mobile phones. “The DuraSled turns your iPhone into a one-handed solution that combines the versatility of the iPhone and the power of an enterprise-grade scanner. “said Vanessa Lindsay, SocketMobile Senior Product Manager. The latest data showed that short interest as a percentage of the public float was 0.9%. The stock, which is on track to open at the highest price seen during regular trading hours since October 2007, was up 34.4% for the past three months through Friday, while the S&P 500 SPX,
+ 0.34%
won 8.5%.


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