Social media flooded with memories and sorrow

It was an image circulating the world of food. Before any kind of official confirmation, A photo taken by reporter Adam Houseley Spun social media. It is featured in the restaurant (also known as TRAM) in Meadowd as a three-Michelin-starred fine dining destination at the Meadowd Resort in St. Helena on fire. The caption reads “I just got out of there … they couldn’t save it.”

The Meadowd management was evacuated as Glass Incident Fire, a blast that ignited the Nappa / Sonoma border, just a day before. He urged people not to jump to conclusions and said they would know more the next day. But based on Houseley’s picture, the situation was bleak.

As of Monday, September 28, media outlets had photos of the restaurant building (also Meadowd Grill and a small golf shop) on hand. This is a total loss of space. But Brett Anderson, a spokesman for the owners, says the TRAM will be rebuilt, with some of the restaurant’s most prominent members still taking pauses to condole what has been lost.

Christopher Costo, who has been chef of Maidoud for 10 years, wrote in part that “we are all torn.” A eulogy is worthy, and will be given in due time. His words were quoted by the official account of TRAM.

Aziza and Maurad founder and chef Maurad Lahaul posted the original photo of Housley, stating, “My heart is broken.” Another icon fell. Too many dreams. So much work. “

Nicholas Almy, A Chief cook The claimant and Philadelphia writer, wrote, “The tragedy unfolding on the West Coast is annoying because we lost one of America’s best restaurants.”

Meadow Napa neighbor Singletrade co-owner Kyle Connaughton has written that he is “devastated by the news of the tragic loss,” and Costo is said to be “for all the work he has done for all these reliefs over the years”. He and Tramili are unbelievably giving others in their time of need.

Daniel Patterson. Koi and Alta’s fame wrote, “So terrible. So unimaginable.”

Fabian von Hodge, chef / co-owner of the New York restaurant Contra and Wildaire writes, “I have no doubt that you will come back to the top my dear friend, but I wanted to thank you and make all of you part of it For your family. “

Former chef de cuisine Katiana Hong at TRAM wrote, “Lost for Words and Heartbroken.”

Not a chef, but a prominent food figure regardless: Chris Ying, co-founder of Seminal magazine about food Lucky Peach, Wrote: “In this restaurant I spent some of the best and most memorable times of my life. I can’t bear to see burning photos. “

Renowned chefs Dominic Cran (Atelier Cran, Petit Cran and so on) took advantage of the moment to discuss the climate crisis with their 316,000 followers. “Let’s get up,” she wrote with a photo of Houseley. “Climate change is real … the planet is burning … we need leaders and community leaders who will get humanity back.” Many of his followers raised the issue of politicizing fire, but this is the way social media is.

To read more tributes to the restaurant, one must click on the restaurant’s location tag on Instagram from Monday afternoon. Hundreds of tributes have been posted, many commemorating, birthdays, and other joyous occasions spent in his dining room.

But to the gloom and despair – all justified – there is also good news that what was lost was a building, and stuff. Speaking with the Bay Area news group, Anderson put the loss in perspective, though the property loss was “distressing … Meadowd has always been about people.” And there is any indication of this reaction on social media, to do whatever it takes to help those people try again.

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