So this is apparently why Jack had to die in & # 39; Titanic & # 39;


One of the most moving moments in Titanic – which is taking the big turn 2-0 – is, of course, when Rose has to let go of Jack once they come to the conclusion that both can not share the floating board that will ultimately save one and only one life. (Of course, it's safe it seems that could have been grouped together, but hey, that depends on director James Cameron and the accessories department and Cameron has corrected my absolutely childlike level knowledge of the Physical and pointed out that it is a matter of buoyancy, not space, but ah the loss of young love.) In any case, we have struggled with the untimely collapse of these starry lovers for most of two decades, and Cameron himself is here to clear up any lingering doubts. And he's also here to punish us for being obsessed with her (sorry, I'm not sorry).

In an interview with Vanity Fair published on Sunday, he says that the reason why Jack had to die is that on page 147 of the script, Jack dies. That like, come on -we were not there on distribution day and nobody sent us notes.

Then it expands a little. "I think it's very silly, actually, that we have this discussion 20 years later, but it shows that the film was effective in making Jack so endearing to the public that it hurts him to see him die," he said. counted Vanity Fair . Yes, no kidding. That pile of wrinkled handkerchiefs every time I look at them is not because I'm still spilling my wine.

"I had lived," Cameron continues. "The end of the film would not make sense … The film is about death and separation, it had to die, if it was that or if a pile of smoke fell on it, it was falling, it's called art, things happen for artistic reasons, not for reasons of physics. "

But … but … the door! "Art" could have supported them when their physics could not.

Fine . If it's for the art, well, Live the movie! And if this is the Romeo and Juliet of the badually repressed Edwardian era, maybe we can accept it. At least they had that moment of steam in the back of that car. Good on them!

But, IDK, maybe a fireplace would have been better? That water was cold .

P.S. Titanic returns to theaters in December . You're welcome.

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