Snyder’s cut confirmed to come into existence from 2019 onwards

Tamara Watts Kent, director of DCEU’s Justice League Snyder Cut VFX, saw a full cut of Jack Snyder’s original film back in 2019.

Long awaited snider cut Justice League It has been confirmed to have existed since at least 2019. Justice LeagueIn 2017 DCEU’s first team-up film was originally released in 2017 to mixed reviews. After the family tragedy, the production was somewhat jeopardized with the film’s original director Zack Snyder. Joss Whedon was brought in to oversee the film’s post-production, and was told his changes changed Snyder’s original vision for the story.

Due to these rumored changes, fans began to speculate about the so-called “Snyder Cut” Justice League. Rumors suggested that a completely different version of the film existed, reporting the fact that complete characters such as Darkseid and Martian Manhunter were dropped from the film’s final version. Still, despite viral support for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and a hint of Snyder himself, little was known about that version, let alone if it actually existed. When hbo max announced Zack Snyder’s Justice League To be released on the streaming platform, Snyder Cut Believers was validated. Nevertheless, with the director conducting rehab, it was difficult to tell how much of his version actually existed before production began in 2020.

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Now, fans know that Zack Snyder’s Justice League Was present in near-perfect form thanks to the film’s visual effects producer Tamara Watts Kent. In a reflection posted on Instagram, the VFX director wrote that he saw the great Snyder cut in black and white for the first time in 2019. What he saw was “Over 3 hours, full of predetermination and works in progress effects with finished visual effects. “he said that”Many times Zac had to explain what I was looking for, “But she was fully capable of following the story.

She went on to explain the process ahead, which further clarified how much Snyder’s cut had ended and how much her team had to edit or produce. This included research “To see if it was a previous Zac finale to finish the full frame, or a work in progress shot from the past that could be unreserved and finished, or a new shot“Finally, he reported, the VFX team”Gave over 2,500 shots in 7 months.

Together Zack Snyder’s Justice League Along the way, fans who believe in Snyder’s cut probably don’t need the confirmation of this extra bit that their theory was correct. However, a large amount of work has apparently gone into the HBO Max edition Justice League. However, it seems that this post-production work is only building on the structure that Snyder had already built, so in true believers Zack Snyder’s Justice League It will reverse completely.

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Source: Tamara Watts Kent

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