Snow can create slippery roads through the Great Lakes; Storm to the Northwest Scourge


By Renee Duff AccuWeather meteorologist
November 23, 2017, 6:04:42 a.m. EST

As millions of Thanksgiving travelers return home this weekend, most of the United States will be free of weather-related disruptions with only a few trouble spots. [19659004] People traveling to, from, or having connections through the Upper Midwest, the Northeast, and the Pacific will face the greatest risk of slower travel and delays this weekend.

Snow with lake effect may create travel hazards near Great Lakes

A brief period of snow with lake effect will fall from Saturday to Sunday when a fresh blast of cold air runs through the Midwest and Northeast.

The cold that advances first will be marked by rains in the northern Plains and the Western Great Lakes on Black Friday. Wet weather will be a nuisance for buyers and those who start the trip home.

As this system moves eastward, a snow blast with lake effect will begin to leeward from Lake Superior and Lake Michigan early Saturday. Then, in the day, snow will rain on Lakes Erie and Ontario.

  United States weekend outlook 11.22 PM

"For the most part, snow accumulation will occur in narrow areas and will only affect a fraction of the region," AccuWeather said senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski. "Up to 6 inches of snow can fall where the lake-effect snow bands persist."

"Motorists who venture into parts of Interstate 75, I-79, I-80, I-81, I-90 and I-196 may experience sudden changes in visibility due to snow gusts," he added. .

The snow will end quickly from west to east over the weekend.

Stormy pattern that will persist along the west coast [19659004] The storm that will turn off the Pacific Northwest with rain and wind on Thanksgiving will give way to relatively drier conditions on Black Friday.

However, a new storm is ready to arrive on Saturday night until Sunday.

  Sunday will travel at 11.23 AM

"Northern California areas that were lost by this week's storms will receive showers in the second half of the weekend," said AccuWeather meteorologist Kyle Elliott.

Motorists on I-5 stretches may be forced to slow down to avoid slipping in water. Airline pbadengers traveling to or from Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco may face delays.

The threat of localized flooding will be higher in areas that were flooded by storms this week.


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Smoother air moves to Midwest, Northeast while Polar Vortex changes next week

While the cold air invades the storm, snow levels will fall several thousand feet until Monday, which will cause the rain to become snow at the higher elevations of the Washington and Oregon waterfalls, as well as of the Sierra, according to Elliott. 19659004] The largest amount of snow is expected to remain above the level this weekend.

Florida will dry out in time for a hectic weekend of travel

While heavy showers will slow down Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the Sunshine State, quiet weather will return in time for the hectic days of this weekend's trip.

Motorists from the southwest to the plains and southeast should have sunglbades available since the sun's glare will be the main concern on the roads.

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