Snohomish County does not level the curve. ‘The trend is up, up’

The Kovid-19 curve is flattering in Washington State, but parts of the state still see a growing wave of new cases. Snohomish County officials said today they have seen a sixth straight week of deteriorating numbers.

John Ryan of KUOW now joins us for the latest from Snohomish County.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

So, is the trend still going the wrong way there?

County health officials say the number is fluctuating daily, but the trend still persists, and cases are now nearly as high as they were before the epidemic.

We are hearing a lot about new cases in young people across the state. Are Snohomish County officials saying if it tracks?

Yes of course Most of the new cases in the county are people between the ages of 15 and 39. County health officials say many of these cases are of social people. Sandeep Sachdeva is the Chief Medical Officer at Edmonds, Swedish. He says many people are dropping their guard. They are going to see people they trust, and remember, and haven’t seen in a while.

“Transmission is happening when people are meeting with non-family members, non-household members, in small groups. Essentially, trust is a factor here: that kind of behavior where you are meeting up with trusted friends, trusted family members that you haven’t seen in a while. ”

In short, Sachdeva says’ Do not trust that other people, even the people you perceive as the world, are somehow protected from this virus. If you socialize outside your home, do it outside, in a mask, a short distance away, and don’t do more than five people a week. And, if you are never sure whether you should wear a mask or not, just wear it, bring it and pop on it if a situation arises that you were not expecting. ‘

Are you hearing any good news from Snohomish County on the Kovid front?

a few things. The death toll from Kovid is small. This is fundamentally driven by the fact that we are seeing young, healthy people now get the disease, not people in senior centers.

Sachdeva says that the youngsters can still be quite ill or die, even though Odds is on their side, but he still says that it is a game of Russian roulette, which is deadly ill when contracting Kovid-19. Will be done.

One of the success stories of his hospital is that masks work. They had to be compulsorily masked long before the government mandated it, and none of the people working in the intensive care unit got the disease, even though they were working around some very sick people Are. If we can achieve that kind of success in the community, says Sachdeva, and 95% of people get to wear masks, then we will be able to turn the corner on this epidemic very quickly.

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