SNL’s final insult to Trump is ‘macho man’ piano performance

TIt can be fact-checked, but we can say with much conviction that this is a new episode for the first time. Shanivari Night Live The summoning is broadcast within 12 hours of the presidential election. Oh, and barely two hours after the presidential election victory speech. (And After a football game delay.)

The episode was unlikely, as everyone anticipated on Twitter on Saturday, sitting on the piano with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump to mimic Kate McKinnon’s swing after portraying Hilton Clinton during the 2016 campaign. ” Hallelujah “was open to sing.

Instead, in a troll for everyone’s cynical prediction, Baldwin’s Trump plays Village People, one of his favorite campaign songs, and much ridicule for playing a slow-down version of “Macho Man” on the piano Sat down.

He chose to sing “to remind you who I really am,” he said when he went to the piano. “I’m not going to say goodbye, America” ​​he finally said. “I’m just going to say, ‘See you in court!”

Baldwin now has a presidential election with Biden SNL Sign off? A version of a bit that most Twitter predicted and said, at best, violated the Petulant president and, at worst, let go of the perilous threats and lies of the past week – for the last four years alone – of Hooke. With nothing else. With a song and a smile? This would make for a very lame and meek farewell.

Baldwin Trump was not the only SNL Famous guest to appear. The cold day that began with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (Beck Bennett) and John King (Mickey Day) spoofs ended up covering the results, with King’s fingers working from touch screen to nub. Blitzer eventually projects Biden as the winner, believing that he is going to break the neutrality while doing so. “God damn that sounds good!” He said, King.

Then he throws Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden, just hours before the real presidential election, to deliver his real speech: “Can you believe it?” I honestly can’t kind of. It is long since something good happened. “He never felt more alive,” he said, “which is ironic because I am not alive.”

Perhaps to cheer loudly, she welcomed Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris, shouting approval as she thanked “Harris” for being the first woman, first black, first Indian-American, first fraternity vice president . (Supporting the costume department to imitate Harris’ white suit so quickly.)

Then watching the most moving segment of Harris’s speech, she addressed all the young black and brown girls and skewed the national mood of the day’s celebration: “Your mother is laughing tonight because she’s drunk, and The reason she is crying is because she is drunk. Your mother dances all night long to cry from laughing. “

But, Blitzer said, “People who don’t want to see Kamala and Kamala happy, they want to see the president sad.” And that’s when Baldwin and Trump’s routine unfolded – and perhaps for the last time.

Trump’s speech was one of his greatest hits of his speech points last week — a confusing message about whether the vote count would be good or bad, counting down as mail-in ballots, fraud, theft, etc.— and then. A solid gag in which Press Secretary Kayle McNee (played by Chloe Finman) brought a map that was supposed to show Trump’s “red wave” but was actually a map of current COVID-19 cases.

Baldwin then took the key.

This is the sixth consecutive week to create a new live episode – usually two or three episodes a month, is the norm and, dubbed superstitious among its historians, a recap of the host who was booked for one, Mann A supposedly post-2016 celebratory election episode with Dave Chappell.

The cold open came late for an impatient non-sports crowd. They made everyone to watch at 11:29 pm SNL Instead only watch football. Then the announcer’s advice came that this episode would start with 30 minutes After Game wrapped. Full local news will be broadcast first. (As if all of us haven’t seen enough news this week.) More misleading: It started airing in New York markets about 20 minutes earlier than the rest of the country, which was still stuck with news .

Once the cold opened, the question changed to whether “Macho Man” would actually be Baldwin’s last visit to Trump.

The actor’s Trump impersonation is culturally spoiled by Emmy winner Catharsis, and he has gone on record saying how aware he is of the reception SNL Takes off and he is ready to hang the red cap and urine colored wig.

The Trump impersonation of the actor has quickly become culturally malicious from Emmy winner Catharsis …

There is no official word on whether this is the end; It would be naïve to think that the current potush would suddenly disappear from cultural conversation SNL Pinches on But that hasn’t stopped some of the show’s blockers from imagining never seeing Jack Donaghy. Her lips round In A sphincter sometimes Again, To effectively burn orange makeup in effigies and pour it into the ocean.

Reviews for Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden have not been great either, with my colleague Marlowe Stern’s decision, “His bouncy walls are polar opposite Fire Marshal Bill shtick, Hebden’s obstructing Biden’s sleep” Jason Sudeikis already! “On the other hand, Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris is widely liked.

So take what will happen to you that at the end of the cold Carrie’s Biden and Rudolph’s Harris plaster an “L” on their foreheads and taunt Baldwin’s Trump as a loser.

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