‘SNL’ takes on Marjorie Taylor Green, Gametop and Tom Brady

Thus the NBC variety show opened its schedule on Saturday night, with Kate KK Mackinnon hosting a show asking what was still working in the US. The first category was “government”.

“Our first topic is government and already I have my doubts,” McKinnon said.

Green, who was played by Cicely Strong, came out and immediately offered Mackinnon a gun.

“So Congressman Green … it’s hard to say those words together,” McKinnon said. “What are some of the principles you believe in?”

Strong Green replied, “How much time did you get?”

After listening to some of Green’s theories, Mackinnon asks if she really believes those things and then asks if she is Really An American representative.

“People can google you and say that he is a real member of the US government?” Mackinnon then asked.

“It may not be the first thing that comes up, but yes,” Strong Green replied.

McKinnon thanked Green for coming in and said, “So the government doesn’t work.” She then moved to the stock market, which had a wild week for Reddit, and brought in Gametop’s majority shareholder, “Derek Bonner.”

Boer, who was played by Pete Davidson, corrected McKinnon by saying, “First of all, this is the accent of the ‘Stonk’ market.”

Mackinnon then asked Davidson’s boner if the company’s crazy week reflected Gametop’s business.

“Uh, we sell games?” Davidson’s boner asked.

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Mackinnon came to the conclusion that the stock market did not work, either.

After going through topics such as social media and the Kovid-19 vaccine rollout (both of which are not working according to McKinnon), “SNL” finally found something that worked in the US: Tom Brady.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, who is returning to the Super Bowl with his new team, appeared on this week’s show played by host John Krasinski.

“You’re gonna win the football game and you’re just going to win the football game,” McKinley said. “You can be the only thing in America that still works … so I think everyone should be right for you?”

“Almost none,” Kaurinsky’s Brady replied.

McKinnon said that she would be vested in him because the country could still count on him and “it’s not like you’re a weird Trump man or anything, okay?”

Kaurinsky’s Brady immediately thanked Mackinnon and left him on stage.

McKinnon ended the segment by saying that she was slowly losing her mind, and then the show’s signature catch phrase, “Live … from New York! It’s Saturday Night!”


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