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SNL revisits the results of Trump’s cognitive tests and asks: “How did that brain break?”

The government may be closed, but the "Saturday Night Live" sketches about the president will not be forthcoming.

The NBC show kicked off this week's episode mentioning Washington's clogging, then spent most of its time satirizing the results of President Trump's physical exam. Once again, the Trump resident imitator, Alec Baldwin, did not appear.

On the other hand, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant) presented the reporters in the report room to the White House chief doctor "to come and tell them how the president is not fat "

Rear Admiral Ronny L. Jackson (Beck Bennett) is clearly in love with Trump's body, saying the president "has a beautiful 44-inch Coke bottle waist" and "his height, 75 inches – with legs, well, they seem to last forever. "

" It's my expert opinion that the president has a rock body, "he adds.

The journalists in the sketch do not buy it.

"Some people say that these results are invented because they have taken one look at the president," says one.

"There were questions about the mental fitness of the president and, of course, the White House has delayed that," a reporter, played by Kate McKinnon, sa ys. "Since they examined him personally, my question is: How did that brain break?"

The fake Jackson reassures journalists that Trump passed his cognitive test "with great success, almost without clues."

And when asked about how the president has boasted of improving on the test that the previous presidents, the doctor replies: "To be fair, no other president has received this exam. Normally we use it to make sure that someone do not suffer severe brain damage or a monkey dressed in people. "

Pete Davidson, playing himself, pops up to ask a question: Did Trump mention anything about a sexual encounter with the adult film star Stormy Daniels?

The character of Bryant & # 39; s Sanders throws him out, and then pushes the skeptics of the Trump exam results.

"The president has approved all the exams we gave him: physical exam, mental exam, Tide pod challenge, smash it."

Later in the program, SNL presenter Jessica Chastain delivered a monologue that was a musical tribute to the anniversary of the March of Women. But the open writers also managed to make a joke about Trump's Saturday tweet supporting the march (a protest movement largely inspired by his election).

"Go out there now to celebrate the historic and unprecedented milestones of economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the past 12 months," Trump tweeted from real life.

In SNL, Bryant & # 39; s Sanders says: "I want to wish everyone a happy Women's March, a million people, to celebrate the first year of the presidential kick in office, we did it girls!" [19659002] And yes, it is also aimed at the closure of the government of just 24 hours:

"President Trump maintains that any agreement he signs must include a border wall, and has been consistent it must be a solid and physical wall, with some Transparent parts, some fenced parts and some parts empty spaces that only operate in the honor system, "said Bryant & # 39; s Sanders. "And Mexico will pay for it with money from American taxpayers."

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