SNL brutalizes MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell on ‘Weekend Update’

Cecily Strong may have opened it this weekend Shanivari Night Live With the impression of a solid new Marjorie Taylor Green, but she was a young woman during the “Weekend Update” when Beck Bennett busted her Mike Lindell.

Joining Colin Jost to talk to Twitter about his deportation after continuing false voter fraud conspiracy theories, Lindell turned down his Mypilo as he pushed back on allegations that he inspired the Capitol rebels Helped to do.

“Okay, hold on there, Buck-O, I inspired no rebellion, no one!” Lindell declared. “I am a general American former crack addicted pillow officer and advisor to a former president.”

He also vowed that he was not meeting with Trump earlier this month about “martial law”. “I just suggested to overthrow the government,” he said. “And if it’s not democracy, then I don’t know what is!”


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