‘SNL’ Avoids Open Politics For MTV Spring Break Sketch Despite Maya Rudolph Hosting – Deadline

Maya Rudolph, who has regularly played Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday night live, is back in New York hosting the NBC sitcom.

Yet despite this, Lorne Michaels’ long-running comedy avoided a sketch with Rudolph as Harris and instead chose to have her host an MTV-style Spring Break sketch.

Mark the first time Saturday night live He hasn’t had an open political cold in a long time, given Joe Biden’s recent inauguration and the turbulent electoral situation.

Rudolph played Cece Vuvuzela, hosting a Singled Out-style game show, where three contestants had to guess whether single girls were “snatched, empty, or waxed.”

Chris Redd, Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney starred opposite Rudolph with Chloe Fineman, Ego Nwodim and Heidi Gardner as single.

There were some obvious digs in Florida with Rudolph’s Vuvuzela saying “You know no one who’s partying in Miami is upset,” calling the meth “Florida Adderall” and forcing one of the contestants to go solo to Versace Murder Steps. .

“We are so close to the end [of the pandemic]We’re going to screw it up, ”he joked.

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