Snapchat sanctions fight

The US on Thursday informed the UN Security Council that it would impose a “snapback” ban on Iran for its failure to comply with the 2015 nuclear deal. The move will spark a fight in the UN, but the US has the right to take action.
Barack Obama and John Kerry outlined a nuclear deal to go through the United Nations because the US Senate would never ratify the treaty with conditions favorable to Tehran. If Mr. Obama wants to finalize the deal, he should negotiate something acceptable to Capitol Hill. Instead, it sold its UN gambit by talking about the snapback mechanism.
“If Obama violates the agreement over the next decade, all sanctions can be withdrawn,” Mr. Obama claimed in 2015. We will not need the support of other members of the UN Security Council; The US can trigger snapbacks on its own. ”Vice President Joe Biden explained in the same year that” the final deal will have a clear process that allows both UN and unilateral sanctions to snap back without requiring too much kajol from other countries. ”
Now we have been told that the US should not use this provision because it can weaken the United Nations and there is no support from other countries. This is when Washington assigns arms to international bodies instead of American institutions.
The US decided to again oppose all sanctions on Iran in order to impose sanctions soon to end a less ambitious bid by Washington to the Security Council. After informing the Security Council, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Our friends in Germany, France and the United Kingdom — E3 — all told me privately that they don’t want weapons either to carry weapons. . ” “In the end, they offered no choice, no choice.”

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