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Snapchat has silently released new filters for the application that appear depending on what you are taking.

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Last week, Snapchat began to gradually implement its newer filters that recognize what is breaking and provide a relevant edge or sticker. The update occurs before the mbadive redesign of the company application that they expect to keep committed users and advertisers.

New filters will automatically appear in the filter carousel after taking a photo that belongs to a specific category. A Snapchat spokesperson told Mashable that the new filter categories include concerts, food, pets, sports and beaches.

For example, an image of a Snapchat beach produces an "Ocean View" sticker while an image of your puppy will give you a "It's a pawty!" filter.

The filters come after a carousel update that moved the speed, time and temperature filters and converted them into stickers.

While Snapchat users tend to be big fans of filters, they also provide a great source of revenue. to the company. Brands can pay to sponsor filters that are activated based on the user's location or interests.

The company has been working to make the application more contextually relevant to users in order to stand out from other social networking platforms like Instagram. So, what does this mean for Snapchat? Well, CEO Evan Spiegel caused a mbadive redesign of the application that read "One thing we've heard over the years is that Snapchat is hard to understand or difficult to use, and our team has been working to respond to This feedback, as a result, we are currently redesigning our application to make it easier to use. "

He also added, " With the redesign, we found a way to preserve and improve that communication from friends. preserving that frequency and intimacy. "

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