Snapchat brings out a new Lens that not only responds to what it sees, but also to what it hears: Technology News, Firstpost

Snapchat with its constantly growing range of filters has launched a new lens that reacts to sound. Captured its users by launching the famous lens for dogs, which is known as "facial lens" and puts animated voices to make us sound fresher.

  The Snapchat messaging application logo is seen at a booth at TechFair LA, a technology job fair, in Los Angeles, California, USA. UU., January 26, 2017. REUTERS / Lucy

The Snapchat messaging application logo is seen at a booth at TechFair LA, a fair technology job, in Los Angeles, California, Image: Reuters

There is also & # 39; World lens & # 39; that allows users to recreate and re-imagine their environment.

According to a report in Engadget the company has said it will get more in the coming weeks.

The newest Lens is an animal mask for your face, with whiskers and ears, like many other filters that Snapchat provides, but the peculiar thing What happens is that the ears and the eyes not only respond to what they see, but that also shine and dance before what and hear.

While it may not be as mind-boggling as the blind whale lens that uses aerial segmentation technology, Snapchat says it is the first of many to come. Also, in early April, Snapchat introduced its software & # 39; Lens Studio & # 39; that allowed users to create their own 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) filters.

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The objective is available in the application. So try it yourself and see if it moves to your heartbeat.

PS: Cough strong so that your animated ears shine and bob.


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