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Snap announced today (November 29) that it was implementing a redesign for Snapchat that aims to separate users' feeds among their friends from the brands that publish content in the application.

The founder and CEO Evan Spiegel published an opinion piece in Axios this morning about the direction that social networks have taken in recent years, where the content of brands and influential people has received the same weight and location as the content of friends and loved ones in the users' feeds. Spiegel also took YouTube, for the second time in about two years, to explain how the new Snapchat works:

No It is a drastic revision in the design of the application, but more a structural change in how Snap visualizes the content produced by its users and publishing partners. Now, everything that a friend produces, be it a chat message, an add-on sent only to a person or a 24-hour public history, will appear when a user slides to the right from the main application screen. [19659002] The stories and videos published by the brands will be located on the right side of the application, which the user can access by sliding the finger to the left from the main screen. This side of the application, which will still be called Discover, will also include content from social network creators (think YouTube users, but vertical) and Stories generated by users curated by Snapchat's editors.

The restructuring comes less than a month after Spiegel hinted for the first time at the change in the company's quarterly earnings on November 7, partly in response to the slowdown in the company's revenues and the growth of users .

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New Snapchat design. (Adjust)

The new structure seems a positive movement. It is solidifying the application, which rejected $ 3 billion of Facebook in 2013, as the "anti Facebook". Facebook has confused the line between content, news about friends and pure internet junk to the point where it is almost impossible for the average user to know what is important, or even true-on purpose.

Snapchat reaffirms the value of staying connected with your friends and enjoying news and entertainment content, but showing that the two activities should not be the same. However, it is not clear if this restructuring will convince more people to start using Snapchat.

However, it could be a blessing for the company: separating content and messages, especially with Snapchat planning to open Discover for more creators, could mean more places to show more ads to users. Snap recently introduced a new "sponsored" ad space in the Discover section, which essentially acts as an advertiser's Snapchat story, and it's very possible that the company will use the redesign to push more ads between stories and messages between friends.

If Snap can not get more users, at least he can try to get more revenue than he already has, and it seems he has solved the problem of fake news on social media at the same time.

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