Smuggler caught trying to transport more than 750 tarantulas to the Philippines – BGR

Contraband smuggling in a country is a dirty business, especially when goods that are transported illegally are things like drugs or weapons. A man from the Philippines has been caught smuggling Polish products into boxes made to look like they contained cookies and other tasty treats. However, what the customs officials found when they looked in, definitely did not match the package.

As Associated Press According to reports, wrapped gift boxes contained less than 757 live tarantulas, all destined for new homes in the Philippines. The arachnids, which were brought to be sold illegally to collectors and enthusiasts, have now led the recipient to a lot of trouble.

In the Philippines, collectors and merchants of such creatures require a permit that most people do not bother to obtain. Because of that, a black market has emerged for the poisonous, and smugglers routinely try to transport the creatures as they fly under the radar of the police.

In this case, the spiders were labeled as "collection items" in the customs process, but the customs officials quickly realized what was actually hidden inside the packages. The man who arrived to pick up the packages was later arrested and will probably face an excessive fine at least and possibly a prison sentence.

The arachnids hidden inside the boxes were stored in small containers with air holes punched in them. Both large adult spiders and smaller tarantulas were found in the packages, and officials place the value of the animals at the equivalent of approximately $ 6,000.

Needless to say, the smuggling of living things is a very delicate business. It is possible that tarantulas are not exactly the kind of stuffed animals that are shown on environmental posters, but still should not be packaged in cookie boxes and smuggled to foreign countries by the hundreds.

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