Smith is making the most of limited opportunities


Pete Alonso Y Dominic Smith He entered spring training with honest and viable shots to win the starting job at first base for the New York Mets this season. Both had good seasons in the Grapefruit League, and both came on the Inaugural Day list.

Although Alonso, 24, accepted the job (and the city and the world of baseball) and executed it from the beginning, Dom Smith, 23, has been relegated to a secondary role, completing the position of manager Mickey CallawayThe bank of s

In more than 10 games, the native of Los Angeles, California has achieved 5 of 14 with four batted runs, a strikeout and a walk (.417 / .500 / .417). Despite having only one start at the beginning, Smith is doing everything he can to contribute to the success of the Mets. And that is an incredible development.

The former first-round pick (2013, 11th overall) has done practically everything he can at the minor league level (.296 / .361 / .426 in six seasons of MiLB) and, by all accounts, has won the right to compete for the big club Cifras, now that he had that opportunity, Alonso happened to explode on the scene at the same time.

Luckily for Smith, Pete Alonso is the only one in front of him now, and at least he is a true first baseman and not in the twilight of his career (looking at you, Adrian Gonzalez and Jay Bruce, you're fine, Wilmer Flores). And despite their list hierarchy, Smith and Alonso seem to have grown to become quite amateur with each other. Also an impressive development.

There has been a lot of talk about the special bond between Alonso and Smith throughout the young season. The camaraderie, support and mutual respect shown between two professional athletes competing for the same well-paid job is not something we can see very often. It's refreshing, to be honest.

Before the Mets faced the Twins at the end of their two-game interleague series, Callaway spoke to the media (video through @Mets) with respect to what was previously unknown, but now focuses clearly, first base situation.

"It's really fun to watch, as we entered the season, we knew we had Dom Smith and Alonso, and we could move someone there if neither of us trained, so it's great to know that we have two guys who can go out at any time. moment and fulfill what we need as a team and be the most competitive team we can be. "

"I would like Dom to have more, but Pete has been amazing, so you really can not, Dom has been valuable from the bench and Pete has been very energetic and has brought a lot of life to our team and to the man, can he hit?"

Pete Alonso made his way into the conversation after hitting .285 / .395 / .579 with 36 homers, 119 RBIs and 31 doubles in 132 games between Double-A Binghamton and Triple-A Las Vegas last year.

Combine that, his solid spring and the exceptionally historic start he has had in his career (.378 / .451 / .911, six doubles, six homers, 17 RBIs in 49 plate appearances) and the Mets have a brilliant first base for the players. from the future.

With the option of keeping Alonso hidden in the minors for a few weeks, obtaining an additional year of eligibility for the Florida native's arbitration at the table, the Mets faced a trend mostly in the league (there were some more Atypical this season, compared to previous years, and chose to give right-handed sluggers the chance to win the job and he did it – by far.

So, what about Dom Smith? If your transition from a minor league applicant to a banking type of doing what is necessary for the major leagues is an indication, it looks like it will land on your feet. On Thursday, Smith talked about his mentality as a major league role player, and told Matt Ehalt about Yahoo Sports"We're winning ball games, we're in first place, it's part of the game, you have to try to help your team win the ball games."

According Ehalt, both Smith and his representation "volunteered to play in left field," but the Mets refused to give that idea a green light. From the perspective of a stranger, that seems to be a vote of confidence in Dom Smith. His willingness to step out of his comfort zone at first base is admirable, but his value to this team as Alonso's backup and left-handed bat from the bench is what keeps Smith close.

The perfect acclimatization of Dom Smith to serve as a quality gear against blows at the Callaway bank and a gloved replacement at first base has probably secured him a place on the list through the return of Todd frazier. If he survives the ax when Jed Lowrie The returns are still very high in the air.

It seems that putting the team ahead of oneself can have positive results after all. His solid play is surely not damaging his cause either. In any case, Dom Smith is winning the streak with the Mets and their fans so far this season.

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