Smash community disappointed in Samsora’s reaction to ban

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Ezra “Samsora” Morris has been kicked out of several competitive tournaments and he’s apparently fine with it.

Effective immediately as of today, Samsora received an indefinite ban on various tournaments hosted by a handful of tournament organizers in the Smash community. This includes the Smash World Tour.

According to Cyrus “Cagt” Gharakhanian, the reason goes back to the events that happened when Samsora refused to take “full responsibility” for his involvement in the situation between Narioby “Nairo” Quezada and Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth.

While Nairo has slowly been accepted back into the competitive scene of the Smash community, many of the Smash players associated with the situation have received a backlash of late. Nairo announced a return to broadcasting in February after being turned down for allegedly grooming Captain Zack when Smash’s professional partner was a minor. It later emerged that CaptainZack may have blackmailed Nairo and forced the situation on him, although the Smash community is still unsure which account of the events is legitimate.

Saleem “Salem” Young was recently kicked out of Cagt’s tournament events, among others, after the Smash pro admitted his involvement in the situation. While Steve’s player has denied knowing about Nairo’s age at the time he encouraged Captain Zack to continue the relationship, the story has continued to cause controversy within the pro Smash community.

This includes Salem calling Samsora to also find out about the situation that was occurring between Nairo and CaptainZack. It seemed like Samsora knew more about the situation than she was letting on, including encouraging Captain Zack’s behavior and then turning against Nairo.

Samsora admitted to knowing the situation after being called in November. But he claimed he had distanced himself from both parties. According to Cagt: “The damage caused by their actions during the July events and the lack of full accountability show that proper punishment must be met to find the necessary closure. ”

In response to the ban, Samsora decided to tweet about the situation later that day. In the tweet, Samsora claimed that he was “relieved” to be banned.

“Now I can do whatever I want without feeling like there is a cloud over my head,” explained Samsora. “There are so many things in life.”

He then told fans not to worry about him. Samsora said that he accepted full responsibility for his actions.

It’s currently unclear what Samsora is planning or what he hopes to pursue after being kicked out of a handful of Smash tournaments. His Twitter bio still includes information about his career in Smash, so most likely, he does not plan to leave the scene entirely.

Some members of the Smash community were disgusted with Samsora’s reaction to the tournament bans. It seemed that, once again, he was not taking the situation too seriously. Rather than showing genuine concern for his actions, Samsora was showing “impulsive” reactions to the tournament news.

Several fans expressed how they were no longer going to “look up” at the talented Smash player. While Nairo’s return is still leaving the community torn apart, many Smash fans believe the former pro is innocent and deserves to return to the competitive scene after being aggressively canceled.


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