Smash Bros. Ultima’s Sephiroth Kirby Behold is a scene

Anytime a new character is announced, Booty Brothers Final Fans immediately want to know the most important details of all. This is not frame rate data, or possible level ranking. No. The public wants to see the Kirby version of the new fighter planes every time.

In this case, a lot of people immediately speculated that Kirby would adopt Sepioth’s luscious locks. While there is a void that Kirby is as surprising as Sephiroth, it is still delightful to watch.

Even better, here is a look at a Sephiroth Kirby vs Claude Kirby showdown.

But if you want a more suitably fitting skirmish, you can choose a different Sepiroth Kirby color, as did Twitter user KirbyKid.

Some are even comparing Kilby’s hair to Ace Attorney Fame Mills Edgeworth. I can see it.

My only complaint is that Kirby is not adopting Sephiroth’s teasing pecs, as they appear in his shirtless version. now That Would have been incredible.

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