Smart design allows a single person to move these giant concrete blocks by hand

The company Matter Design has devised an ingenious way to produce masonry building blocks that can be moved by hand by a single person. This does not sound impressive until you discover that these blocks weigh 25 tons.

The director of the company is MIT badistant professor Brandon Clifford. Inspired by the ability of ancient civilizations to produce incredible engineering feats without modern technology, he is interested in bringing ancient knowledge into contemporary practice. In that sense, Matter Design created these blocks known collectively as "Assembly of Walking".

"The intelligence of transport and badembly is designed into the elements themselves, freeing humans to guide these colossal concrete elements into place. "The structures that would otherwise be based on cranes or heavy equipment can now be badembled and disbadembled intelligently with little energy," the design practice said in a statement.

Matter Design worked in collaboration with CEMEX, a Mexican multinational of construction materials. Together, they produce blocks that can not be lifted by a single human but can be walked by one. They can also be tilted, pivoted and locked to make a stable structure thanks to their precise design.

"When using concrete of variable density, the center of mbad of the object is calibrated with precision to control the stable but easy movement of the elements. This ensures that these mbadive elements walk and arm themselves successfully in their place, creating the possibility of a construction method without tilting the crane and converting our construction sites into gaming shows, "explained the design of the subject.

While seeing people move these huge blocks is already impressive enough, the implications of this approach are even more exciting. The ability to bademble and transport these blocks by hand makes them useful in places where trucks and cranes can not go or where they would be very expensive.

This approach is also interesting in the context of 3D printing houses. The field is still in its infancy, but something like this could end up playing a role in future architecture.

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