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Smackdown Live Results (05/12/17) – Owens Shackled

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Wrestling News World for Smackdown Live! My name is Zack and I will be your host for the night. It's been a long time since I wore the colors of Blue Brand and covered Smackdown, but I look forward to working on my old playing field.

The show begins with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Owens talks about being the victim of a vendetta of the McMahon family, and how they will not rest until they get their pound of meat. They are the last objects of the McMahon family's anger. Shane tried it with Randy Orton. Not long ago, Stephanie used to use Randy Orton. How everything has been delivered to Randy because it was McMahon's tool. Owens knew what he had to do, to show that he was not afraid of Randy Orton and to be more cunning than Shane McMahon. Sami Zayn then explains, by physically showing where the ringside is and where it ends. In the ring, Kevin Owens eats an RKO out of nothing! Shane's music hits and Sami is trapped between Shane McMahon and Randy Orton. Shane thanks Zayn for his explanation of ringside. Shane says he has nothing against Sami and Kevin even though they think so. In fact, to prove he does not, Shane will make sure that Sami and Kevin appear in Clash of Champions because they were upset about not being featured in Survivor Series. In Clash of Champions, they will be Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens against Randy Orton and a partner of their choice. Tonight, it will be Sami against Randy Orton and Shane says that Owens will be allowed to ringside, in fact, he insists. Owens will be handcuffed to the bottom rope.

Rusev and Aiden English against New Day (Kingston and Big E)

English and Big E start the game. E is about to take the power of English and then marks Kofi, who uses his speed to take control of English. Rusev takes English out of danger when we turn to commercials. We come back from the break and Rusev has control of Kofi. Kofi manages to make some space and both teams make a label. Big E is fluent in English and has a great impact. English takes the eyes of Big E. Tag to Rusev, who runs towards Big E but is strongly planted. Label Kofi but Rusev attacks Big E and sends him to the steel stairs outside. Kofi comes flying out of nowhere and takes Rusev out. Rusev manages to hit a big kick in the back of Kofi's head that allows them to collect the victory.

Winners: Rusev and Aiden English

Backstage [19659003] Mojo is interviewed about his attack on Zack Ryder. He calls Ryder deadlifts and if someone has a problem with what he did to Zack, he can push him.


Carmella, Lana, Tamina and Riott Squad try to convince Daniel Bryan to put them in the Women's Championship in Clash of Champions. He tells them that everyone will be in the game because it is going to be a match for lumberjacks.


Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode talk about the addition of Dolph Ziggler to the game, which drops its odds to 1/3. Ziggler appears and tells them that he actually drops his odds to zero.

The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Local Jobbers

Shocker the Bludgeon Brothers HAMMERED the jobbers in about 45 seconds.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers

Baron Corbin against Bobby Roode

Corbin and Roode go to and start but the Roode takes control and sends Corbin out of the ring. Corbin hits a strong right hand and then hits Roode on the mat. Corbin with a clothesline in the corner closes with a headlock. Roode fights Corbin and both men hit a double clothesline. Ziggler who was in the comment, gets in the ring and hits a Zigzag in Roode and then in Corbin.

Charlotte vs. Tamina

Lana, Carmella and Natty are ringside for this one. Tamina takes control of the game with her strength to begin with. Charlotte changes the tides with a well-timed headlock. Charlotte uses a series of shoulders to wear out Tamina. We are heading to break up. We return and Charlotte maintains control with a series of chops. Charlotte hits a large boot and then encloses Figure 8 to win!

Winner: Charlotte

After the fight, Natty teases Charlotte but Riott Squad makes its way down and confronts Natty and her friends. A small fight breaks out but both teams end up separating.

Sami Zayn vs. Randy Orton with Kevin Owens handcuffed to the lower rope

The match started during commercial. When we join the game, Orton is in control of Zayn. Orton throws Zayn out of the ring and knocks him out of the ring. Zayn goes to where Owens is protected. Orton throws Zayn on the apron and pulls him away from Owens. Zayn tries some slaps, but Orton just gets excited. Orton hits Zayn's head at the announcing tables and then drops Zayn onto the table. Orton throws Zayn into the ring. Orton gets distracted by Kevin's trash talk and ends up being kicked in the head by Zayn from inside the ring. Zayn throws Orton to the steel stairs. We are heading to break up. We return to Randy Orton hitting Powerslam in Zayn. Zayn goes for a weapon under the ring, ends up throwing bolts! He tries to free Owens, but Orton can stop him. Orton attacks Owens and Zayn attacks Orton. Orton is in the ring and Zayn climbs to the top. Orton hits Zayn on his sensitive parts. Orton hits a HUGE superplex in Zayn. Outside the ring, Owens is released using the bolt cutters, but Orton can hit him with a clothesline. Zayn meets a Spike DDT. Orton points to the RKO but Owens is on his side. Orton knocks him down and pulls Zayn out of the corner to win!

Winner: Randy Orton

Owens hits Orton right after the game ends and he and Zayn beat Randy. The music of Shinsuke Nakamura hits and Nakamura runs and takes out Owens and Zayn! Orton hits an RKO in Zayn. Orton shakes Shinsuke's hand. Orton and Shinsuke then hit their finalists one more time. Backstage Shane comments that this could be the most statistical end of Smackdown in history. Daniel says that means that Shane must end up punishing Zayn and Owens now, then. Shane says it has just started. What he did not mention was that Owens and Zayn's match with Orton in Clash of Champions will have a special guest referee … Shane McMahon. And if Owens and Zayn do not win, they're fired … not just from Smackdown but from the entire WWE. He walks away while Daniel Bryan looks at him.

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