Slum Rancher has now sold over three million copies

Slum Rancher has reached a new milestone, with developers Monomi Park announcing that the game has sold over three million copies.
“It only started as a daring adventurer, ready to explore a remote, remote range. Today, we’re proud to announce that Slum Rancher has sold over 3 million copies! This incredible Thanks for sharing the journey with us! ” Monomi Park. Slim Rancher sees Beatrix LeBeau taking his life and head to far-away range to – you guessed it – a mud rancher. The trailer above describes the extremely positive reception Slime Rancher has enjoyed since its launch three years ago, and has since been adding everything from its content packs, style packs to helper bots is. The hook to start anew and build a building from the ground up seems as irresistible as ever, especially when it is colorful and cute as a junior. For further proof you only have to look at games like My Time at Portia and Obel.

Monumi Park says, “Thank you for sharing the Beatrix Lebu story with us.”