Young is still better than Doncic: in my opinion, this is not a question

Due to the change just after the NBA Basketball League, Traee Young and the tallest player in the Soviet Union in the history of Luka Doncic's position are relatively similar. Younger, who says that the future will appear to be better than Doncic and that the exchange was good for both teams, he gave his opinion on his interview in ESPN's interview.

Luka Dončić and Trae Young are the most difficult candidate for this prestigious award this year: the NBA's annual reporter.PHOTO: Twitter

Player of basketball members Luka DoncicHe was selected as the third at the NBA, Bring youngLike a fifth, but Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks have agreed to change. So, Doncic came ashore in Dallas and Young in Atlanta."I think that's good in both teams, so I look at it. I mean Luki is doing well and it looks like it's very good for me too " explaining the exchange.

"Indeed I'm going to hear everything that's going on, you can not forget this." Luke has a good year for now, but I'm trying to focus on myself and the team. I know that this is a great asset for everyday hard work for team and similar things, "Young on Monday said in The Jump on ESPN television.

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Like Dončić, Young is also accustomed to the pursuit of his excellent performance, the first one that was on his & her; the highest basketball average in the NCAA football basketball competition, such as STA reports. Even in & # 39; The first season in the world's most strong football competition, Young has already shown large exhibitions, for example, he put 30 pounds on Sunday and he put eight pounds when he hit Portland . On the other hand, Dončić was a & # 39; The first NBA teenager, double-trimmed with a score of at least 30 points, succeeded in 35 points, 12 recycling and ten, gives his opposition to the Toronto Raptors. This was the record of Doncic who was 19 years old, who sent her & # 39; Younga's most successful achievement – an Atlanta-based 35-point Atlantic game player in the third NBA against Cleveland Cavaliers.

"My eyes is not a question between me – I do," Young responded to the question about which one would be better in five to ten years. "But this is just what I have in the blood of my blood, so this is a clear answer to me," Young is confident, he published in the interview that he was familiar with the Slovenia basketball player well in summer, swapping his phone number and his / her phone number; stay in communication."He's investigating how we and so on. It's a really good person, certainly," says Young on Doncic, who is 20 years old on 28 February.



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