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Will Lea Sirk work on POP TV?

We were wondering if they would keep it.

Leo Sirk,

   the winner of the EMA 2018, are now awaiting preparations for Eurosong. The singer will take on the Eurovision stage for the first time on May 10, when the second semifinal will be held.

The exercises and preparations for Eurovision are not the only obligation that awaits in the spring. Lea was last year, in the first season of the show, the Stars dance, namely part of the dance orchestra. Can she keep the job? As she told us after winning Emma, ​​she does not even know if she can be part of the project or not.

What does POP TV do?
    "The Dance Orchestra of the Stars dances by Bojan Zupančič is made up of the most renowned Slovene musicians. The orchestra has four vocalists – Leo Sirk, Karin Zemljič, David Matič and Mitja Šinkovec who joined us this year. Lea Sirk is an excellent vocalist was part of the team already in the first season, so we will try to coordinate the schedules successfully and Lea can play live shows "

   they told our media about POP TV.

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