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The Ministry of Defense buys 56 armored cars 8×8, but there is no money for the salaries of soldiers. Will a new Patria affair again?

At present, according to the Defense Ministry's explanations (Mors), no procurement contracts for the purchase of military equipment have been published. However, some major orders are planned for this year and next year. It is about buying armored vehicles of 8×8, ammunition, weapons, terrain and combined vehicles, service and combat uniforms, engineering work machines and radio devices.

First of all, they will buy 56 armored cars

The investment program for the purchase of 8×8 armored vehicles is obviously already in the final phase, as procurement procedures are expected to begin within a few weeks. As explained at Mors, in the first phase, the purchase of 56 vehicles is planned. But for the project of 4×4 caravans, the quantities and the assessment of the value can not yet be heard at the Ministry.

However, the Slovenian Armed Forces have been richest since 1991 for 91 new Toyota terrain vehicles. The Toyota Land Cruiser explained that the new Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles are a replacement for the used Mercedes Benz and Puch off-road vehicles and will be used to perform existing tasks.

 Session Committee dz defense presentation of the candidate minister andreja katic 10

Minister of Defense Andreja Katich (SD) does not get excited about the anomalies in the salaries of soldiers, apparently her armor does not work gray hair. (photo: Matic Stojs Lomovsek)

The first tender was announced by the ministry on January 30, 2016, with the signing of Autocommerce in Ljubljana and the Austrian Achleitner. Since both bids were incomplete, the ministry repeated the call. In the second tender, the contract was already submitted to an Austrian provider, but Autocommerce filed an appeal. The National Review Commission agreed with him because the Achleitner offer was incomplete. However, the ministry found the same thing for the Slovenian provider.

In the third tender, announced on June 8th, the ministry issued an order, as the Audit Committee rejected another claim from Autocommerce at the time. On 19 December 2016, the ministry concluded a framework agreement with Achleitner for the purchase of 70 terrestrial military vehicles, with an additional 30 per cent increase, ie for 91 vehicles. Finally, the three calls to order all 91 vehicles with a total value of 7.43 million euros with value added tax and motor vehicle tax were reported at Mors.

Union of soldiers for the elimination of salary anomalies among soldiers

While the government acquires military equipment and eliminates wage anomalies in other professions, such as firefighters, and persistently refuses to do so in military occupations, warn the military trade unions. According to their assessment, the new decree on placement in wage grades caused even new anomalies in the members of the Slovenian Armed Forces.

In November, the Union of Military Forces sent a request to Miru Cerar to the Prime Minister for the removal of newly born anomalies, they recalled the press release. "While they are raising wages beyond the uniform wage system for police officers, doctors, directors and headmasters, and ultimately firefighters, we have not received a response from our prime minister to our request to eliminate new anomalies," they wrote.

In the union they are afraid, that the soldiers will soon begin to leave the Slovenian Army even more massively. The government is not striving to prevent this, they said. According to their estimation, they can be allowed because soldiers are not allowed to strike.

"We reiterate all responsible, especially politicians, to immediately approach the regulation of the status of members of the Slovenian Armed Forces, as it can happen that soldiers will not have us,

They were assured that they would continue to alert, invoke and demand with all legitimate means, while not excluding protest rallies.

 Press Conference Union of Confederations Confederation meeting svs members of the soldier's 4th soldier

For years, the Union of Warriors actively draws attention to the salary anomalies of the employees of the Slovenian Armed Forces. (photo: Matic Stojs Lomovsek)

After the government harmonized the proposal of the strike agreement with the trade union trade union trade union, they also announced on Thursday in the strike committee of the trade unions of the state administration, in which the Union of State Authorities of Slovenia, the Union of the Army , defense and protection, the Customs Union of Slovenia, the Trade Union of the Ministry of Defense, the Veterinary Union of Slovenia and the Defense Ministry Defense Ministry.

Minister of Defense Andreja Katic and President of the Trade Fire Brigade of Slovenia Aleksander Ogrizek signed a strike agreement on Friday and an annex to the Collective Agreement for the occupational fire brigade. An agreement on Ogriz's words brings higher salaries to all operational firefighters, most of them pay basic salaries for two pay grades.

Remember the Patria affair

It is certainly strange that the Ministry of Defense under the leadership of Andreja Katic ] (SD) can easily deal with major procurement projects for military equipment, while there is no money for soldiers' salaries. It will be interesting to see who will be the armor supplier. Thirteen years ago, the then Government of Jansa took care of a public tender, to which two bidders applied. Patria was selected from Finland, which caused a lot of excitement, since the former, Rop's government has already signed a letter of intent to purchase eight-wheelers with System Technique, which has already supplied six-wheelers (requiring repairs, which required additional annexes to the contract.

Since the old centers of power were thus left without financial revenues due to the overstated supplies of armored vehicles to the Slovenian army, they retaliated with the Patria affair, also through the abuse of justice that condemned the imprisonment Janez Janša , And by Anton Krkovič and by Ivan Črnkovič . Juretu Cekuti and Petru Zupanu as well as Karlu Erjavcu (who was the defending minister in the first Jansh government) and Albin Gutman who were exonerated. Cekuta also escaped prison sentences that had recently returned to the country due to serious medical problems Slovenia.

The Patria construct was intended primarily for the political liquidation of Janez Janša, all others were more or less collateral damage. In this construct, many such and different persons involved with the transition left were involved, in particular this was the case with Draga Kosa and Milan M. Cvikla . Similarly, through the abuse of the courts, Dr. Milk Novic for the murder he did not do

 reception of the saint's support janez jansa committee 2014 Supreme Court Patria 28 affair

The Patria affair was a first-rate political construct in which the acquisition of armored vehicles was just a reason for political bribing with Janez Janša . (photo: Matic Stojs Lomovsek)

But if this time in the game there will be no political interests in the purchase of armored vehicles (which is almost impossible in view of the Slovenian situation) and if the old centers of power will have an impact on the business, should be afraid to break out of what kind of continuation of the Patria affair. It is interesting how the circles of the transition left after the choice of the armored car supplier after 2005 asserted that the (Janševa) government was spending taxpayers' money on armored vehicles that were unnecessary to Slovenia. Even though the plan for this was prepared by the Government by Anton Rop as part of the obligations arising from NATO membership

. In view of the current situation of the Slovenian Armed Forces, we are publishing the response of the Defense Committee to the SDS Expert Council:

Under the Cerar government, the number of members of the Slovenian Armed Forces decreased by one battalion

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of law boasts that it has prepared two key laws – the Defense Act and the Act about the service in the Slovenian Army. Despite the fact that the laws are the result of work and attempts to amend laws in several mandates, this statement is by no means true. The substantive changes to both laws are irrelevant and can be assessed peacefully that the Law on Defense applies only to cosmetic repairs. The only serious change that the government was forced to accept and was adopted in parliament was solely because of the state's opposition to the opposition, was the one that allowed the Slovenian Armed Forces to cooperate in the protection of the state border during the worst crisis in the migration wave. The law does not bring any serious changes in the military-security system, except for the symbolic increase in the salaries of the soldier, which has also been solved inappropriately since it is not regulated systematically and comparable with police allowances and prizes

The adoption of the Critical Infrastructure Act is also a "achievement" only on a declarative level. On the basis of the law, it would be necessary to prepare a whole series of secondary legislation (they are supposed to be in preparation?!), And above all, we should interdepartmental approach to the implementation of the law, which is not being implemented. In the ministries responsible for individual infrastructure, they do not even have basic ideas on how to approach the realization of the tasks ordered. The work of interdepartmental coordination is not co-ordinated by anyone. The crisis management and governance system is additionally burdened with the unpredictable and undefined competences of individual departments by requiring a comprehensive reform.

The establishment of a modular capability of the Slovenian Armed Forces for protection, rescue and relief in numbers envisaged for activation within timeframes 24 hours are incomprehensibly low. For the needs of serious natural and natural disasters, only 740 members who can be activated under this scheme within 24 hours are unacceptable and show a sad picture of the situation of the Slovenian Armed Forces. In the mandate of this government, the number of members of the Slovenian Armed Forces has decreased by one battalion, which points to the underestimating and inadequate government's attitude towards the government. At the same time, this situation shows the political weakness of the coalition partner, who leads the department in order to improve the position of the military in society in the long term and permanently.

The only chapter that talks about extending the use of Falcon for humanitarian and health purposes deserves a positive assessment. In 2012, Janez Janša's government adopted a bold decision and permanently returned Falcona to state use, thus completing fruitless arguments about the rationale of using this aircraft. Unfortunately, the government did not follow the plans after that, which also envisaged a wider NATO air force alliance, the use of this aircraft, and the Mira Cerar government made this use of the use of the military aircraft to the extent that the military aircraft was also used for its trips to sporting events across Europe

Finally, it should be pointed out that one of the key commitments of the coalition agreement, which talks about ensuring a sustainable and efficient capacity building, is not realized at the level of defining the needs of these. There were even so paradoxical situations in the department that the military part of the ministry and the administrative unit, headed by the minister, wanted to delegate responsibility for these decisions to the competent parliamentary defense committee.

Defense Committee of the SDS Expert Council

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