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Green example on the way to a waste-free society – Economic and business news – A green example on the way to a waste-free society – Si21

Hotel Ribno was officially recognized as the first Slovenian zero waste hotel yesterday. After the intensive two-year implementation of measures to reduce waste volumes and their separate collection, they managed to achieve a 92% rate of separately collected waste, which exceeded the limit for obtaining an internationally recognized zero waste.

On this route, the hotel and employees were accompanied by the Ecologists Without Borders, who are the custodian of the name with us, and their partner company Hotel Rifiuti Zero from Italy, who introduced zero waste measures in more than 20 Italian hotels. This path required much more than just filling out forms. Without the commitment of management and employees who have been weighing and checking on waste several times in their own hands, the acquisition
  the name would not be possible. Changes in the overall policy of action are therefore crucial, but the most obvious are obvious measures, such as hoppers for separate collection in corridors and the supply of food without packaging.

"As might be possible today, we are sticking out" as someone who did this first, so in a few years' time, every company will not work. The only difference is that they stand out in a negative way, "says the director of Hotel Ribno, Matija Blažič. The zero waste route was made because this is right and the other tourist stakeholders in zero waste in the municipality of Bled are encouraged, where 70% of all waste is produced annually by tourists.

That tourism can have a negative impact on the environment, is also active in the Society of Ecologists Without Borders, a national Zero Waste organization for Slovenia, which started to introduce the concept of tourism in the years before. "The decision to reduce the waste requires understanding that this is necessary, and the courage to insist on the journey. Trud is paid with motivated colleagues, higher quality of service and recognition of the hotel or event as environmentally responsible, "
  Ursa Zgojznik, president of the society, points out.

Ecologists Without Borders have been working closely with the Italian company Hotel Rifiuti Zero since the beginning, which has triggered changes in the understanding of waste in Italian tourism: "The community can thank the Hotel Ribno and people who set new milestones in understanding what is the quality living and being connected with nature. Hotels are no exception to this, "is doing Antonino Esposito.

The first zero waste steps of Slovenian hotels are also supported by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Eva Štravs Podlogar: "The strategy of Slovenian tourism states that Slovenia is a green, active and healthy country for 5 star experiences. Today we witnessed the implementation of these 5 stars. "Hotel Ribno has thus become an example and an incentive for all Slovenian accommodation.



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