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Tonight we will meet the new SuperStar. Remember the top performances of the finalists

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We did not even go and the Czech SuperStraight series of Czech Republic was coming to an end. We already know the name of the winner on TV Markíza and Nova. This year, for the first time in the history of the "federal" version of this show, the women's team has been in the big super-finals. Tereza Mašková, Karmen Pál-Baláž and Eliška Rusková are victorious.

It's not so long ago that the first of this year's casting appeared on the screen. SuperStar 2018 kicked off on Feb. 25, and after a series of six rounds, follow-up, and two semi-finals, the tournament went into final transfers. Those were down this year, as in the previous series. While in the past we were used to the fact that the final rounds could be stretched for almost three months, this time it took only five weeks to live in live broadcasts. But it is similar in the world. For example, American style SuperStar (American Idol), which returned to the screen this year after a two-year break, had to make its live streams too.

The Czech-Slovak version of the popular show more than a two-year break was particularly successful. Not only has the production been able to assemble a jury which, as a whole, worked much more than the previous series, but also the competition of the competitors. Pało Habera has even said on several occasions that he is one of the strongest singers we've ever had on the song.

Favoritka jury

Tereza Anna Mašková is one of the favorite jury members before today's super-final. Since the casting, she has been performing excellently without any hesitation, and she has not even had a negative assessment once. Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson was able to build a whole jury from chairs and is one of the best things we could hear this year. Incidentally, a talented native from Prague, eight years ago, even as an inexperienced girl could see in a show Czech Republic has Talent when she was positively shocked by Lucie Bílá.

Marika Gombitová ]which many musicians have suffered in the past. Habera was after this performance of 21-year-old singer literally finished and added that Tereza should win SuperStar. "I'm nervous before every turn and I believe I will be right now, but mostly when I stand on stage and start singing, it will fall out of me," she said in a conversation before the final Tereza Mašková, who once wanted to perform in the arena hundreds of a hundred

So far, hundreds of fans have "only" on the internet – her videos are sovereignly most watched on Youtube from this year's contestants, which confirms her role as a favorite. Up to five of her performances have more than half a million shots, the other super-finals have reached this limit only with casting videos and Karmen still in duet Survivor (Destiny's Child) with Tereza. In total, the Mash rivals have approximately half the numbers on Youtube. So, if a rosary-like singer of today's final is not going to strike, he should succeed in the audience vote.
Rozhovor s Terezou:

Slovak champion

Karmen Pál-Baláž as the only Slovakian supercup. If she did not compete with Tereza in this series, the victory would be certain Already at within the casting, at first glance, Slovakia was one of the biggest surprises. The native of Rožňava brought with her keys, her jury performance totally disparaged and earned the designation as "Slovakian Alicia Keys"

"When I signed up for SuperStar , I definitely did not have the high expectations of getting here, I had only seen it before, and I wanted to experience it, "said a 19-year-old musician who has not even lost her privacy since the career of the singer. A big plus for Karmen is its immense musicality. Tiny Turner
or Dream On by Aerosmith but also with emotional baldami Wings from Birdy or Someone Like You from 19459011 Adele ]


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