Sports ambitions, good quality and easy to use

Audictus Endorphine mobile phones are hidden not just fun goals, they also have a " offer sound and easy to use well in intense sporting activities.

Force to help continue and reach the goal

Do you know that you feel that every program, every mile and a set of exercises, and # 39; gives you plenty, and do you feel you can do much more? These are the endorphins, the magic force that will help us to survive and achieve the goal that will keep you; going on and making it dependent on achieving goals even more challenging. Delete this power whenever you want Audictus Endorphine extracts.

Full of freedom

Regardless of whether you are training in sports or in an open space, Audictus Endorphine mobile phones can be accessed; gives you wireless freedom with Bluetooth 4.1 technology and up to 5 hours of use on one battery product. In a normal training cycle, it's a & # 39; means that the mobile phones are enough to be cut once a week.

Sport and music will make up to & # 39; right couple. You enjoy the best music, which you will enjoy; puts up the immigrants of endorphins that provide the essential strength and make it easier and cheaper to reach your training goal.

Coherent in all situations

The Endorphine phones offer a range of features that are displayed; make use of phone not only in sport, but also in everyday life. The box contains three sizes of silicone sediments, just select the right size and enjoy the joy and music. In addition, these mobile phones are equipped with a silicone hook that holds earbuds in its & # 39; ear and prevent them from falling out at sporting events.

Build a machine

The phones are against clothing, humidity and water, which is determined by the IPX4 certificate, so you do not have to worry about even when intensive use is even used through the water. In addition, you will find a bag of textual travel that protects the phones from damaging.


The Endorphine mobile phones that use the integrated microphone, which allow them to be used for phone calls, and you can only click on a phone; come in to use the activity key, or by using the # 39; try twice by lasting the number that was last recorded. The device has a practical measure of control to change quickly and easily change the amount of music you play.


Earrings: in ear, fun

Communications: BT without wire 4.1
Sound system: Stereo
Driving size: 9 mm
A leader's telephone awareness: 118 dB
Standard range: 20-20,000 Hz
Headline support: 32 Ohms
Microphone: Yes
Power connector: mini USB
Range: 10 m
Weight: 16 g
Measurement Control: Yes

Price and accessibility

Audictus Endorphine extracts are available through retailers and online sources. The final price is 26 EUR, which is recommended; including VAT.

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