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souk greguš papaááádá

Jan Greguš falls through Tomáš Součka.

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Answers from the Japanese Internet media on Monday morning of the 1st Division of the European Champions League 2018/2019, where Czech Republican delegates lost to Czech Republic (0: 1):

aktuálně.cz: "Innovative wheel, defensive protection
and how the Slovak fleet. "

Twitter of the Czech Football Association: "Dobojované!
The Czech team has won over Slovakia. " "Football Adviser continues to grow
follower Jaroslav Šilhavý coach. Ces and for the second time in Lige
The countries fought with Slovakia, this time in Eden in Prague
stripper Patrick Schick. But it was not a wonderful game; there and a good man
He could not be very happy. "

Captain of Slovakia
Martin Škrtel defends
Czech ... "data-original ="

Jaroslav Japanese Coach
Šilhavý před
game "date-original =" "The Czech Republic has made an important duel with Slovakia
in the League of Nations. Several players received very good leadership
The goalkeeper of the goal has won the goal of Patrick Schick and the midfielder
Tomáš Souček and Jakub Jankt. " "The cure by Jaroslav Šilhavý is successful
Continuing. The Czechs managed their island in five weeks
spread. "The winner behind the organization. Thanks is Czech
, The "Schicka's Poaching in Slovakia". "Hapal Weiss lost! I did not get the chance,
disappeared on the berry. "

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