Friday , July 23 2021

PHOTO in article: Oliver Oswald is badly after the crash | Current

I also need a companion on the toilet.

Oliver Oswald was frightened by fans on Monday. He told the Instagram that he had a crash, and that he would not be able to recover from it for a few days. The teenage star from Otecko is well-behaved and the injuries will heal really long.

For he revealed he fell on a scooter. Together with him was his friend who did not happen. Oliver also did not have the luck.


"On Sunday night I fell on a scooter on a roundabout. I have broken both hands and scratched laces and legs. I'm sick of it, I can not sleep at night, and I still have painkillers, "he told us

Bats from Oteckov also needed a walk in the toilet, but he was worried about shooting new parts of the series." I'm curious, "

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