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The Samsung Watch was included in our magazine. When Orange, as the first mobile operator, has been able to use an integrated electronic SIM card in the LTE conversion of these watches, I have emphasized its & # 39; this activity in the next test. In practice, eSIM means that SIM cards are directly integrated into the device. The only thing that is fine is like a # 39; A classic SIM card that provides a network, confirmation, encryption, and other important features. The difference is largely in the delivery process. Normally, SIM cards will be fired in the output process, and new SIM cards will be delivered securely to the operator and then to the user. In the eSIM case, the user icon must be delivered to a skip directly on the mobile device. The census change is very simple. If there is a secondary obligation, for example a smartphone connection, the profile overlay will be produced by creating a QR code. After being removed, the device will connect through the secondary link to the operator's server, where the image is ready for the user.

The opportunities for voice and data communication are used as well as exploring a video-based swimming pool work.

At this time, the user can not have the same number of SIM card in their mobile phone and an eSIM cartoon card. In video (Time 1:48) showing the location in which a call is called; Coming into the complaint on its SIM chart on its & # 39; phone. If the smart watch has been in line with the & # 39; phone and that the watch is within the Bluetooth communication range, it can accept such a call not only on smart phone but also on the awesome look, and can also phone do with her microphone and the spokesman on his call. If a user initiates a call to one of the clock connections and the Bluetooth communication range is smartphone, the call will be made by phone SIM card. This situation is also featured in the video (Time 2:15).

If someone is calling a callphone number (time in video 2:54), it does not matter what the name of the owner of the clone phone clock is, the call will be made via an eSIM smartphone card. You can easily read SMS messages on your watch (time in video 3:51). Text scabbing can be done by handwriting on the touchscreen, and more comfortable by using its & # 39; behavioral, because you do not cover your screen with your finger. If you want to answer or write a new message, a number of pre-defined texts are often used, or you can write text directly on the display (video time 4:28). The premiere is displayed to display a 26 message key, so letters are split into key cell phones. Bike the lunette to showcase the hot keys with numbers and symbols.

In the second part of the video (from 5:31) There are opportunities to help watch in a variety of training and fitness events, and including riding rider or running belt, are shown. You can list the screenshot activities in accordance with your requirements and the tasks you usually provide.

Due to corporate expectations, I emphasized a swimming test exam. Counting the lengths in the 25-meter bath, as in villages, is very attractive and very helpful in this watch. After the training is started, a so-called waterproof, which will turn off the touch screen, and # 39; turn off the sound so the watch does not give you a warning. When you swim in a covered bath, you can not use viewers in the & # 39; most cases. Usually, like that. because if there is one glazed garden at the wall and its; floating in the path near that wall, the GPS signal can be captured, it's a & # 39; question of accuracy. Even without GPS, however, the watch is offset; Counting my legs was fine, although it was turned pretty well and there was a lot of people in the bath, so it was not possible to swim completely.

After 30 seconds in the 25 mm bath, the mistake was one long, since in fact I spent 31 lengths. When the caves swim, the green mode will be & # 39; turn off and some method (and possibly diaphragm measure) is a & # 39; Try to push water from the clock compartment.

In tourism cases, this activity analysis has been activated at more intense tours. The difference between this virtual start and the start of the training is that the training is also recorded with a GPS track. You can get an overview of your corporate activities just in your watch or more specific and more detailed in Samsung Health.

I even have a & # 39; take account of the paramount parameters. AMOLED touchscreen has 360 × 360 pixels. He always supports his method and is protected by Corning Gorilla. The key to the Exynos 9110 is a crucial process with 1.15 GHz clock speed, with 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of an in-house resource resource. There is bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi b / g / n connection, NFC, A-GPS / Glonass. At the base of the clock there is a heart rate sensor. You can also find a diet / altimeter measure. Expressing the watches with a wireless charger. You need to take it with you because there are no fees from the Qi charger or the smartphone that costs accessing access.

The carrier demonstrates the importance of pressure, water and dust according to IP68 + 5 ATM and Standard Military MIL-STD-810G certification.

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