Friday , July 23 2021

Lucia Mokráňová got into BITKA in the bar: She ended up with serious injuries!

Lucia Mokráňová has become an important face of Slovak scouting after falling out of the reality of reality. She has transformed her hobbies into a job that is still alive, especially sports and training. In addition, she is still engaged in modeling.

Both Luckine's developed occupations have recently threatened an event not expected by the blonde herself. Looking at the innocent evening with friends, he turned to the drama. He was only a bit short and a young coach would be left behind in the field of sport.

During a disco, the former farmer erred in the conflict of two unknown men. " We were with friends at a disco, we had great fun and nothing to suggest that it would end up unfortunate in the evening "

"I did not even notice that almost two guys were pulling up next to me and one of them wanted the other man to be so angry and in full force to describe the event that caused her ugly injuries

Dohra, which looks like a bad movie, eventually got better than at first sight. " Of course, I flew a few meters straight away and I fell unhappily on my leg, which I broke. I also took my hand . I was just in the wrong time in the wrong place, " with sadness recalling the earlier end of the evening because of the bleeding and pain of Mokráňová

Finally, she found a positive side of the whole thing as her injury is not as bad as it originally It looks. Lucia believes she will soon recover and be able to compete fully again. And we hold it in our thumbs

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