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Leader No Name opposed the initiative that Babisha boycotts

Nobody is clean, says Igor Timko from No Name

July 2018 at 19:24 TASR

PRAGUE. The frontman of the No Name group, Igor Timko, clearly defines himself in the Czech media against the initiative of the local singer Tomáš Klus to boycott media and events related to the person of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš or funded by his companies

In his own words personally certainly will not solve his colleagues from the brand "If everybody solved, who built the way who owns the hospital, etc., then we would not go after D1, nor did they go to the hospital or drink water …"

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Politics versus music [19659007] "So I have my own opinion and the fact that everyone can limit some things – buy clothes that do not cause any other damage, buy glass instead of plastics …", quoted the singer of the Slovak group According to Tim, people should be respected in every such step

"I respect everyone as having a political opinion, like me, but I demand that he respects my own, that is the principle of reciprocity," he added.

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"Today everyone can say what he wants and we wanted to. Our ancestors, Masaryk and Štefánik, just fought 100 years ago to be a state and we had the freedom of speech. everybody is saying what he wants, so he has to decide himself in this procedure, "said Timko, saying that people should be tolerant to each other because" no one is pure. "

This is why he himself and his group

"We are avoiding the direct promotion of any political party. We have received a significant number of offers not only for the promotion but also for active participation," he said, adding that he was not a political party. do not want to do so. "We are artists, so we do our best, we're saying," he concluded.

Klusov boykot

Czech songwriter Tomáš Klus informed in July of his decision to boycott all activities of Prime Minister Andrey Babis

An artist who has long declared publicly his reservations about the politics and behavior of the Czech prime minister, he has self-critically admitted that he is also a member of his own

He realized that his songs appeared in the broadcast of the Óčko music television that he was even recently given to his guest that he gave interviews to the Mladá fronta Dnes

"There is nothing but to acknowledge his inconsistency , its mistakes and groping because I believe that unclear time needs clear opinions, "he said in recent days T [196599031]

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