Jungle could be a playgroup. Let's be happy that they are not yet

3 hours back office editorial

When you read the ideas under their videos, you will often find the phrases that have been inserted: "How can they be taken to a small extent?" They relate to the number of ideas and Jungle is still a club club and not a stadium, although there is certainly the ability there.

One of the reasons for Jungle So far they have not been "rounded" around them, and maybe it is a very conservative group; there. He confirmed the last week's concert at the Majestic Music Club (MMC) in Bratislava. At the same time, however, he has shown one of the best and most modern "retro" sounds of today.

The creation of seven Britons was introduced into our capital around the middle of autumn in the European tour, where it is & # 39; gives his new record For ever. The trip was almost sold out at any stop, and it was not even here. He was already the third Slavic concert of the band – after its first appearance of Electronic Beats 2014 and this year's festival ceremony at Piešťany airport – and again the branch of Fèis organizers than Grape It's a card today in the autumn, as it is. formerly a club – Mac DeMarco in the Bhabiloin Studio (Atelier Babylon)story).

The new animated soul, the funny reasons, and the Bee Gees style breaking song made it easy for the listeners to play the Trenčín Sister Couple bulp. sympathetic, but special music expertise was not particularly attractive for direction in the place, a specialist of excellence, and a good place to listen later. When I arrived, I looked up at the top of a clan where there were several people sitting at that time. I personally came to the band with a bit of "putting my legs" but, of course, it's all different.

Bulp, MMC, November 13, 2018Jupiter's jungle bomb bulk in MMC

Census – A beautiful but musical exhibition

Jungle a special show for me. Dynamic, rhythmic and comparable low-cost music. They are seven, but they do not make any big display – but for the tools they put to the scene just by light-looking buildings; top, the logo has a large print with the name of its band. In a visual sense, there is a special entertainment venue especially in a lamp. It's colorful, but it's very handsome, and its place definitely sure music. If the band wanted, it could be done very much, with many dancers (who refer to clips), VJing and an amazing showcase. They live on the ground, and Play on average for 500 to 1500 people and feelings "that's really great!" they are not injured. As many as the first of the conservation features mentioned above.

The other thing is also very unusual. The statue of the paths on the platform is broadly the same as those of the studio, which typically mean up to four minutes long. The singer, multi-instrument composer and this producer interviewed for a Japanese radio Wave Tom Farland, when he explained this in response to the audience's expectations, which, accordingly, are aware of what they know. It is a question of this vision – in terms of processing live songs and presenting a long-term right level. In any case, the performance of the show is related to perfection: all the color-playing records are played and performed live, and he listens to every meter from the platform how good & # 39; And you are even easy to die even if they are not surprised.

Jungle in Bratislava, MMC, 13.11.2018Check the whole report from the concert

MMC moves

Some extra Bulp and the leaders said a few people were swept, but when about ten minutes after the nineteenth century, the lights went out and the opening ruins Smile, a sense of free energy distribution came. And the jungle went up the stairs. Immediately, they stopped the known pieces and at the same time pieces were designed from the first and second albums Light Cloud. The Heat. Julia ci plate. Was it just a wonderful mood! in or did the listeners move, and # 39; understand, try to justify in choruses and hers; welcome the songs?

In terms of communication about the fans, it is very supportive, all night was just part of the music and its emotions here and now. The sound was brilliant, I felt as the two headteachers said, a pair of "side" musicians, instruments, and nothing was done; you enjoy. The MMC is full of praise, after summer rebuilding, it is a delicious place in every way.

"I did not know I was going to eunuchs"

I was going to tell him one young man in the middle of her; concert, talk quickly to her lover, talk to Jungle's speech. And he wants to tell him the truth. Listened to the seventeen routes, there were feelings when the times were falling. The reason was that her & # 39; band, without communication with the audience, playing independently without breaking, and, in fact, made sure that a large part of the list seemed to be based. The songs were excellent in the high quality music series that included "closing" of the two boards Lemonde Lake and prey, not excellent singers this year House at L.A. In terms of party, their success is the best success Busy Earnin & # 39;. When the first face saw in the add-on, all hands were upright now.

It was clear that the band even enjoyed the trip, and the chemistry at the third meeting was still working. The listeners were well attended and they were not sure to show riddles. That's why I left her show with a joy of her & her; a good music, a refurbished or lightweight situation in the summer festival in the dark day of November and easy to talk to the true loyalist of his / her appearance; killing more than a thousand visitors.

A well-known three-record schedule is welcome, so it's astonished if Jungle is still watching the paths or trying to try. However, I would like to say that they are likely to grow well. Even if it did not happen, I now have a & # 39; Feel that he looks forward to being in a position; See a group of their shape in a Slovak club for less than 20 euros.

Jungle concert inn in Bratislava:
(13.11.2018, Majestic Music Club)

1. Smile
2. Trom California
3. The Heat
4. Sìleas
5. Platon
6. A tough man
7. Beat 54 (All Good Now)
8. Cherry
9. Prayer
10. Fortunately I got what I wanted
11. Chipper
12. Lemonade Lake
13. Casio
14. House at L.A.
15. Drops

16. Busy Earnin & # 39;
17. Time

Author: Michal Húska
Drawing by Martina Mlčúchová

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