Instagram, Facebook and Messenger will now leave the Windows 10 Mobile platform now

Just a few days ago, information started appearing on the internet that Facebook is designing from Windows 10 Mobile at last remove Instagram. But the latest news from the portal's instant Engadget appears There are Facebook plans to move away from the platform and others and to encourage more practices.

Windows Phone / Mobile is dead

In fact, there is no news that the platform is in existence Windows 10 Mobile it is certainly dead for months, if it is not for years. However, there are still listeners who use it Windows 10 Mobile . t Although the operating system contained some inaccuracies, it was indeed a hugely popular system in large companies. But surely the end of the platform is here, and with it, the most popular applications in Microsoft Store also leave.

Instagram, Facebook and Messenger accept the stage

However, applications raised above will be added to the Instagram application noted above Facebook, as well as Facebook Messengerwhich are among the most used by the database. Platform users are now seeing some warnings that apps will no longer be running at short notice and will no longer be working.

WhatsApp is the last survivor

Of the four Facebook apps, WhatsApp is just a chat feature, which is still used extensively in big companies where it acts as a communications platform. It is not intended to maintain the application, but certainly its "live time" will not be long.

The changes for Windows 10 apply only to mobile users

Finally it should be noted that while applications are made via the shared Microsoft Store platform, only those versions that are capable of removing the mobile can be removed. The classic desk programs are stored in the store.

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