Elon Musk has a new plan. Get to the moon as soon as possible

In September last year, Elon Musk's visual insight came into a plan to talk about creating a spacecraft that would attending moon path and later on the colonization of Mars planet. Should the first person, who & n; Thanking SpaceX to navigate around to & # 39; moon, being a Japanese million Yosaku Maezawa. The private tour was first designed for 2023, but it seems to be earlier.

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This Musk is also really bad to confirm its latest contribution to Twitter Twitter network, where it says that First time the Moon would like to be fulfilled in the shortest time. In addition to this information, it will further identify the designations of the powerful Raptor rocket engines, where there is an engine produce process, which gives much time and much less money, become more effective. However, as long as there is a concern on the Mars route, no further information is available because the investment is very expensive and SpaceX resources are limited.

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