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At the beginning of December, the Swedish defendants Viktor Svedberg defeated Barys Astana. The strong level, which compares with Khar, is a? Beginning is often used to KHL after nearly two months. In the world's best hockey hockey he is supporting the team from Kazakhstan. Astani wants to take the Gagarin Cup.

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Whatever it does not seem sensible, the statistics speak on themselves. Barys Astana is ahead of the Eastern Conference at the end of the season.

In particular, they have promoted consistent outcomes, including victories over the biggest competitive practices such as CSKA Moscow and Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Bloody SKA St. Petersburg in the two battlefields, but finally they only made one goal.

"We want to win the Cup of Gagarin. I think we have already shown that we could influence anyone in the league. I do not rejoice when I'm saying it is important for these players to be realized. To avoid prevention in mind in advance. That's why we always need to showcase our best hockey, and # 39 ; stick to the system and win, " he told the official site of khl.ruViktor Svedberg.

The strong defenders have decided to look for KHL after five quarters spent in the country abroad, where he was in the Chicago Blackhawks. During 2015/16 he was even a & # 39; Play for the first time 27 games and three of them went into play.

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But he did not get to NHL again. Despite this, as a result, it is compared to Zden Cháro, which was introduced to the KHL from HC Lev Praha during the 2012/13 season.

"We're sorry, we are not very young. We have the same height, they always want me. To be compared to Zden Char, however, it's a great honor to me because he is a good player . "

"It's very hard to be the same as that player, but it's 41, but still keeping its game at the highest. You can learn a lot from such a player. Just watch it and write notes, " Svedberg continued, who has shown that the Guardian defender is one of their favorite players.


Viktor Svedberg

Viktor Svedberg


"I was always trying to refuse something from him. With knowledge, I learned how to do things on ice. Chara is an expert in my mind because he knows where to go and when yes. When will they pay a risk and when again. He is one of the best players in the league, " He told at the end of May last year.

He then emphasized his mission abroad, but eventually decided to leave and go to the Kazakh team. He believes in a Gagarin Cup profit, but at the same time he & # 39; He liked games that he had no other knowledge in the NHL.

"I like to play against the best teams. Comparisons in KHL are usually narrowed by a narrow gap, which is good to move forward. The last trip We played with SKA St. Petersburg (2: 3), fighting like Ufe (0: 1). Indeed, Sweden is happy to hit the Finnish team. I remember Our last victory with Jokerite Helsinki (8: 3). Although there are not many Finns in the game, it was still great, "Viktor Svedber smiled.



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