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Burger King has returned to Slovakia, also considering home delivery | Business

The Burger King fast food chain will return to Slovakia. The first operation opened on Friday at the Bory shopping center in Bratislava. Soon the second would be followed at the opposite end of the capital, at Avion Shopping Park.

Burger King starts a new era in the Slovak market under the baton of an independent restaurant operator AmRest. The fast food brand has faded from Slovakia at the end of 2011 after almost two years. Two other branches in Bratislava and one in Žilina operated another company.

AmRest plans to expand more quickly. According to previous plans, about 15 Burger King plants should be opened in Slovakia. In the first phase he wanted to concentrate on Bratislava, the regional cities and the highway.

Burger KingSource: Milan David

Four new operations will be established in the next year. "We will continue to expand the network, and gradually we want Burger King to bring customers to all of Slovakia," says Burger King Director for Slovakia and the Czech Republic Daniel Ryška. The chain is also preparing a mobile application with benefits and discounts for loyal customers.

Burger King restaurants must be equipped with self-service counters to facilitate ordering and payment. Chain offers customers also

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