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Brad Pitt changes his looks according to his current partner

It is said that if the partners live together they will begin to resemble each other. In the case of Brada Pitt (54), that does not apply. He always resembled his partners.

The Internet is in a new mood. One twitter user has noticed that Brad Pitt is like a chameleon and changes the look of each new woman at his side. It was shared by 125-thousand people and since then they've added more and more pictures to prove that Brad has adjusted to the current half by haircut, length, and color every time she changed hairstyle . He also used to wear matching accessories like glasses or hats. Brad Pitt (54)

  • Oscar nominee 6 times, once won
  • property: 205 million.
  • from 1962 to 1971.
  • since 1971 have lived separately

since 2005 with Angelina Jolie (43)

  • have 6 children – 3 own and 3 adopted
  • Juliette Lewis (19659013) – known as Cape Fear or Natural Born Killers

    – as a 16-year-old arrested for operating an illegal nightclub

    – from the 17th randila with Pitt (1990-1993) in 19659013] Jill Schoelen (55)

    – S Pittom starring in 1989 in the movie Cutting Class

    – 19659013]

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     Gwy </strong><strong> neth Paltrow (45) </strong> </p>
<p> – Brad randil always with actresses with whom he played </p>
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     19659013] - With Gwyneth starring in Seven and the relationship they had in 1994-1997 </p>
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     Blonďavá ofinka Open gallery

    Jennifer Aniston (49)


     Strapatý open gallery




    – the star of Friends was the wife of Brada Pitt in the years 2000 to 2005

    Angelina Jolie (43)

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