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Sliver.tv launches the Tilted Trivia game for Twitch esports fans

Sliver.tv teamed up with the real-time streaming service Twitch to launch Tilted Trivia, a mini game that can be integrated into livestreams.

It's kind of like HQ Trivia, but for esports fans, and it's meant to keep fans engaged with live broadcasts of players for a longer period of time. The Sliver.tv game is a new extension for the Twitch platform and adds interactivity to the live streaming pages. The goal is to generate new revenue streams and rewards for streamers and spectators alike.

The Sliver.tv tilted Trilogy game is now available for all Twitch streamers and will run along Twitch as an overlay of the transmissions. The users will be able to play live contributing currency known as Twitch Bits, and they can compete by answering a variety of trivia questions adapted to the streamer and the game they are watching.

The game will feature more than 3,000 trivia questions selected for general games, e-sports and major games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, CSGO, PUBG, Overwatch, GTA V and Hearthstone. The first 3 classified participants will be announced live and will appear in the leaderboard of the tweeter broadcast on Twitch.

"The platform of Sliver.tv is incredible, it allows my viewers to be much more committed and invested in my transmission," said Erik & # 39; Fl0m & # 39; Flom, the largest transmitter of Twitch, which has more than 18 million visits and 340,000 followers. "Sliver.tv's offers the ability to watch and win prizes simply by doing what they would normally do." What excites me most about Tilted Trivia is that this same increase in commitment will be reflected directly in Twitch through the extension. A second additional benefit is that my readers and the Bits they use directly support me as they participate in the trivia and compete for the top of the leaderboards.All you have to do is enable the extension and start the fun. "

] Above: Leaning Trivia is like HQ Trivia for esports fans.

Image credit: Sliver.tv

"As we built Sliver.tv to more than five million monthly visits, we learned that interactive trivia games are very attractive and capture the attention of viewers," he said. Mitch Liu, CEO of Sliver.tv and Theta Labs. "Our users earn free virtual coins for prizes by watching the tapes and actively participate in trivia, raffles and live polls, leading to times of sessions that reach up to 40 percent Tilted Trivia represents the next evolution of this attractive platform, and we are pleased to enable thousands of streamers to deepen their relationships with Twitch's 100 million monthly active users. "

Soon, all the participants and winners of the Tilted Trivia game on Twitch will be able to claim Theta Tokens (cryptomoneda of Sliver.tv) as a reward on the site Sliver.tv. Up to 1.1 million Theta tokens will be awarded each month to the winners of Tilted Trivia, which currently totals more than $ 100,000. Users can use Theta Tokens to reward streamers, buy virtual goods and much more. In the future, users will be able to earn additional Theta tokens by sharing their bandwidth to retransmit video sequences using a native blockchain protocol created especially for video.

"We learned on Sliver.tv during the last six months that the interactive questions and surveys really involve the electronic sports audience, something like an HQ trivia for e-sports & # 39;", Liu said in an email. "Our partnership with Twitch brings this platform directly to the user interface and live Twitch experience for 100M + Twitch users." The Twitch seismic cables running our Tilt Trivia game extension can earn Twitch Bits as an additional source of revenue. We believe that this will significantly increase its profit potential for both the larger and longer streamers, which have often had problems in the past. "

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