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Slim Abby Lee Miller goes to prison Prison date

Abby Lee Miller shares an update on her well-being while in pretrial detention after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud in June 2016.

The former star of Dance Moms 51, posted a photo his on Instagram Sunday wearing a prison uniform and posed with some of his visitors.

The star of slender and radiant reality in the photograph he shared with a long and serious legend.

"Sometimes in life you make mistakes in which I trust the wrong people and did not pay attention to the things I should, I'm more than sorry for the mistakes I've made," Miller wrote in the caption.

"My world turned upside down when I had to enter prison," he continued. "I did it with grace, the stories you read about me as a princess are false, I made friends with inmates and staff, I tried to improve myself, I participated in everything that was offered to me and I am a better person for this experience."

It was recently reported that Miller will be released from prison on February 20, but Miller said that is not necessarily the case.

"I feel hopeful but no dates have been confirmed at this time," he continued in the caption. "I feel great and ready to turn a new page, thank you very much everyone for your support, especially my closest and dearest, I love you all ❤️ (and yes, this is me in prison) #abbyleemiller #abbylee # dancemoms #dance #aldc "

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The former dance instructor reported to the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California to serve his 366-day sentence for bankruptcy fraud in July 2017.

Earlier this month, Entertainment Tonight reported that Miller had lost about 100 pounds and felt "great" from who entered the penitentiary six months ago.

  Abby Lee Miller was represented just before entering prison

Abby Lee Miller appears just before entering prison

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In October 2015, Miller was accused of trying to hide $ 775,000 of income from his Lifetime series and his spin-off, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition as well as many other projects during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. He allegedly hid the money in secret bank accounts between 2012 -13. In June 2016, he pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud.

The star of reality was also accused of distributing $ 120,000, which she made in Australia during a tour, in separate plastic bags and having friends carry them in her luggage in August 2014, is in violation of a law that It forces people to report if they bring more than $ 10,000 of a foreign currency to EE. UU As part of his guilty plea he promised to lose the $ 120,000 Australian.

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In May, she received a sentence of one year and one day in prison federal, followed by two years of supervised release. In addition, he was fined $ 40,000 and ordered to pay the $ 120,000 sentence, as well as a DNA sample related to his felony charge.

Miller previously told PEOPLE that although she was afraid of being beaten or raped in prison, she was also determined to take responsibility for her actions. "I made mistakes and I trusted people, but in the end I have to take responsibility," he said.

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