Slammed by US after documents released in Mexico drug case

Salvador Cienfuegos speaks in Mexico City in 2018.

Photographer: Lujan Agusti / Bloomberg

The US Department of Justice criticized Mexico’s decision to publish the information given in confidence by the agency, and questioned whether countries should continue to share the documents.

In a statement, a department spokesman said the DOJ was “very disappointed” with Mexico’s decision to close an investigation into former defense minister General Salvador Cienfuegos, who was arrested in 2020 on charges of working with drug smugglers Was.

The fee was dropped in the US at Mexico’s request, and the general was sent to Mexico in November to investigate by local authorities.

On Friday, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obredor said the US case against Cienfuegos had been fabricated, and the evidence had no value. The Foreign Ministry of the nation then released The 751-page evidence put together by the US was intended to aid Mexican investigators.

“Making such information public violates the Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance between Mexico and United States of america, “A Department of Justice spokesman said in a statement. The decision also calls for” whether in question United States of america Mexico may continue to share information to support its criminal investigation. “

The agency said the published material showed a case against Cienfuegos but was anything but fabricated.


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