Slack reverts parts of its new DM feature over harassment concerns

Slack launched its private message feature to anyone on Wednesday and immediately faced backlash.

The panorama: The company now says it is removing the ability to include a message with a connection request to prevent harassment and abuse.

Background: “Slack Connect” allows you to request to send direct messages to anyone who uses the platform, even if you do not work for the same company (although you do need their email address for the request).

  • The initial release left many users wondering what security measures were in place to protect them from spam and abuse, with some quickly finding ways to send unpleasant communications with the feature.

What they are saying: “After implementing Slack Connect DM this morning, we received valuable feedback from our users on how email invitations to use the feature could be used to send abusive or harassing messages,” said Jonathan Prince, vice president of communications and policy at Slack, at a declaration.

  • “We are taking immediate steps to prevent this type of abuse, beginning today with the removal of the ability to personalize a message when a user invites someone to Slack Connect direct messages.”


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