Skylar Mac: 18 years in prison for breaking COVID 19 quarantine in Cayman Islands says he has learned his lesson

The 18-year-old has been sentenced to two months behind bars in the Cayman Islands for breaking the quarantine rule apologizing for what he has now done.

“It was a selfish decision. There’s no reason I can give you a chance to give me a second chance. I don’t expect anyone to ever forgive me, but I would at least be able to show them to me Would like to be. ” I learned from this, “Silar Mac said in an interview with GMA.

MAC traveled to the Caribbean island on 27 November and required 14 days per island regulations.

But after two days of isolation and a negative COVID-19 test, Mack removed his wristwatch, violating quarantine to see his lover – a professional jet skier – compete in a race.

“It was a conscious decision … you can’t give a good reason for it,” Mack said.

Both Mack and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Vanzai Ramjeet, charged with aiding and abducting, were detained and initially ordered to pay fines and 40 hours of community service.

But after a legal process back and forth, the couple were sentenced to two months in prison, eventually serving 32 days.

“I knew I was worth it. ‘You know what a mistake I made and it sucks, you know, but you did it for yourself,” Mac said.

At this point, Mack has never tested positive for COVID-19 and it does not appear that anyone was ill on the beach that day. However, Mac accepts that if something bad happened, he would be responsible.

“I would never be able to live with myself, knowing that I could be the reason that someone could be – even just sick, it eats me up.”

Meanwhile, her family is happy that she is safe and back in the US.

“I got the first call, I think, she says she was in trouble. Her boyfriend called when officers were talking to her,” her grandmother said. “You could probably hear him. He kept saying, ‘Please don’t be mad with him. Please don’t be mad with him.” And I like, ‘But she knows better.’

Now that his granddaughter is back in America?

“It’s the biggest relief I used to sleep in overnight,” said her grandmother. “And when you love someone so much, you fall asleep, knowing that they are not sleeping, and that they are uncomfortable and that I know she is a tough girl, but she had to be scared.”

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