Skulls Session: Dwayne Haskins Falling in Draft Day, Hoops Rankings Too Soon, and D.J. Off-season Carton training

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Word of the day: tumultuous.

HASMINS POTENTIAL PLOMMETO. In January, Dwayne Haskins was considered almost unanimously as the best quarterback in the draft. Then the Arizona love story happened with Kyler Murray, and Haskins was moved to number 2 in almost all drafts.

Now, people are speculating that it could fall even further.

There's something about Peter King of Pro Football Talk on

6. New York Giants: Drew Lock, QB, Missouri. The general manager of the doubt, Dave Gettleman, will do this or take any field marshal here. (Actually, I keep hearing that Dwayne Haskins is sinking, and he may be the fourth pick in this draft). Gettleman seems to have more in mind to fix his lines in this draft. But a pbader of the franchise triumphs above all. Lock or Haskins should be chosen here, unless the Giants think it's a blockade that Lock will be there at 17.

And then there is this:

After talking to some different teams, I definitely have the feeling that Dwayne Haskins' draft actions were created more by the media than by the team. I see Haskins fall on the day of the draft and I think it increases the chances that he is not the second quarterback on the board.

– Lance Zierlein (@LanceZierlein) April 6, 2019

And this, by Dane Brugler of Athletic ($) That has Haskins as number 11 overall as the third quarterback taken after Drew Lock of Missouri.

11. Cincinnati Bengals – Dwayne Haskins, QB, State of Ohio
Haskins could be the most difficult prospect to project in the first round because opinions about him are divided in the league. However, the Bengals, who have an established veteran starter, would be an interesting landing spot where they can be developed under the watchful eye of first-year head coach Zac Taylor.

Take all this with an extreme grain of salt, because we are very much in the middle of #LyingSzn. Any information that comes out at this time could be a smoke screen or a direct lie.

There is a great possibility that none of this information is real. I mean, at this point last season, even the best forecasters were pretty certain that the Browns would take Sam Darnold with the first overall pick, and then changed 24 hours before the draft.

In any case, the smoke is there. And I think it's safe to say that Simba also sees it.

This chip is on my shoulder and it stays there ..

– Dwayne Haskins, Jr (@ dh_simba7) April 8, 2019

On the positive side, falling into the draft in theory would mean that Haskins ends up in a better team, which could be good in the long term. Unless Dane Brugler is right with his projection of the Bengals, in which case, God help him.

THE BUCKEYES ARE IN! Book your tickets now, friends, the Buckeyes go to Tampa. Joe Lunardi has spoken.

While they were watching (or ignoring) Virginia vs. Texas Tech, the famous bracket connoisseur was working hard and dropped his first projection for the NCAA Tournament next year, and he has the Buckeyes in as a seed No. 7


With all due respect to Lunardi, with whom my allegiances are profound, he is wrong. A No. 7 seed implies that there are at least 24 best teams on the field, and that is not happening.

Hell, Jeff Borzello of ESPN has the Buckeyes as one of the top 10 teams entering the next season on his way: the first 25 first.

10. Buckeyes of the State of Ohio

The Buckeyes have surpbaded their achievements in consecutive years, going to the second round in each of the two seasons of Chris Holtmann in Columbus. Next year, however, they will enter the season with some expectations. Ohio State loses CJ Jackson (31 starts) and Keyshawn Woods (15 starts), but replaces them with five-time point guard DJ Carton and four-star forwards Alonzo Gaffney and EJ Liddell. Kaleb Wesson is an anchor inside, and starters Andre Wesson and Luther Muhammad are also back.

Even if you think that's optimistic, Sporting News was not that far, putting the Buckeyes at No. 14. Ohio State will not have been worse than a No. 5 seed, and could be as tall as a No. 3 seed.

Here I am getting nervous about the projection of a parenthesis made almost a calendar year in advance. It's not healthy, but that's the life of a sports word poster. Give me a corichology of 2021 and I will also be angry about that.

DJ. CARDBOARD OPERATION. Speaking of next year, I listened to D.J. Carton is going to be very good, and because of his appearance, he is doing everything possible to make sure that it is the best he can be before coming to Columbus.

If you like 14-minute videos of a high school student doing several one-on-one exercises with a trainer in an empty gym with absolutely no production and minimal editing, you can take a behind-the-scenes look at his preparation work.

The defeat of Ohio State, C.J. Jackson and Keyshawn Woods, but I think there is an extremely strong possibility that the Buckeye defense zone really improves this season. People forget, C.J. Walker is also a basketball player.

SALUTE TO THE GOAT. Ohio State football SID Jerry Emig – world famous on Twitter dot com as @BuckeyeNotes – is celebrating its 25th anniversary of being the best in the business.

From the Austin neighborhood:

The director of sports information for the state of Ohio responded to hundreds of emails. He was doing a double dive in a second sport, helping to direct operations in the National Basketball Tournament of the NCAA, while controlling his responsibilities as the main contact for a football program with an endless news cycle that lasted a year. year. And he ran almost sleepless thanks to the health complications that sent one of his children to the hospital during that week in March, which was perhaps the busiest time of the year.

But just as he has done in the last 25 years in the profession, Emig kept smiling, kept joking and kept accumulating statistics with the kind of pbadion that few can match. He has never declined, and could actually be stronger than ever as he prepares to be honored for his longevity this summer at the CoSIDA convention in June with a 25-year award.

"Personally, I spent 50 hours from Thursday to Tuesday in intensive care, then I was just texting with my wife Jody," Emig said after a soccer practice at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. "And so [professionally]During the week of the NCAA Tournament, from Monday morning to the half time of our sixth game, I sent 420 emails. I guess that speaks of the balance of life that you need to have and that you have to try to have. But I'll tell you, I've been an SID for longer than I've been a husband and father or pretty much anything else. It's something that makes me very proud, because I love being a sports information director.

Jerry is an absolute legend who works hard on everything he does, whether it's keeping people in the media online in the availability of football media, or on the podium at the Casa de Campo de Francia for the Tournament. female NCAA.

Or, sometimes, being the muscle of Urban Meyer:

Do not mess with Jerry.

MARCUS CROWLEY ARE NOT THE TIGER WOODS. Friends, we are not in danger of losing Marcus Crowley on the PGA Tour.

Justin Fields posted a video on his Instagram story of Crowley taking a hit on Topgolf, and things were … Poor. Especially for the golf club.

I can not throw stones in this situation because I live in glbad houses more vitreous. The only golf clubs that I have hung were inside neon balls under black lights while a giraffe that shone in the dark encouraged me.

This weekend, however, I'm going to give Topgolf a chance. But unlike Crowley, you can be absolutely sure there will not be any video of my failures (although that's more to protect me from liability and damages than from my own shame).

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