Skull Sessions: The Big Ten Still No Answer, Drew Christman Getting Negligent, and Sean Wade Sacrifice the Team to Play

The truth is, I’m going out to tell you that the Big Ten still hasn’t delivered their flick together, but I think that does the trick.

Word of the day: Chutzpah.

Is the last included? On the third day that I sincerely believed that we would get an announcement and go, the worst news would come from the damn president of Nebraska besides the chorus of people who have no idea what the hell is. The It is getting so late.

And the weird part is, everyone seems to know the decision anyway?

If the Big Ten’s “decision is extremely clear, but don’t formally tell anyone about it for a few days” approach sounds familiar to you, it’s because they did exactly that a month ago when Kevin Warren gave the teams Instead of just “go light in practice”, you know, is actually making a decision.

So now we have gone full circle and we appear in the decision-making phase to be “generally harder than practice”.

Could this please be over? I would just like to get on with my life.

It is not happening so soon. If you think this whole process has ended for you, then imagine what it’s like for players who have seen their season swinging for weeks without official word from anyone about anything.

I don’t know if it’s fresh or sad to know that players are in the same boat as us, constantly checking Twitter in search of some kind of news.

SACRIFICES has been created. Ohio State players are used to working their asses off to prepare for a season, but have had to “devote their lives to football” entirely, as Sean Wade addresses as an epidemic. Moves

So basically, everyone – including newcomers who were undoubtedly trying to adjust to a strange new place – put everything about their lives into a chance to be able to compete Not football-rated since March.

Here’s hoping it’s not in vain, and we’ll find out soon.

Please add quotes. Turns out, Chase Young is still good at football, even though he is now playing against professional people-movers rather than hobbyists.

I love that we have to do this regularly now. Remember when the world was shocked at Joey Bosa’s immediate dominance? Sam Hubbards again? Then his nick boss? I can’t wait to see who’s next!

Today’s song. “B a noBody” by SOAK.

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